Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Scissors at dawn for Aud and Claud

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and there’s a hairdressing awards ceremony taking place to which Aud and Claud attend.

Audrey is horrified when Claudia tells her she has nominated her for the lifetime achievement award. Audrey knocks back the wine and as a tipsy Audrey takes the stage to accept her award she  makes an impassioned speech about Maria and how she is like a daughter to her and she wishes her every success for the future. But she’s  furious that a video of her drunken speech has gone viral.

Maria pays Audrey a visit with a proposition. They agree they don’t trust Claudia and Maria says she wants to go into business with Audrey instead. Maria breaks the news to Claudia that she’s pulling out of their salon deal and going into partnership with Audrey instead. Clearly put out, Claudia explains that she won’t be able to refund Rita’s investment as the money was spent in good faith.

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