Thursday, 15 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 14th of Nov 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonight's two episode reviews.

Tonight started out that little bit different didn't it?.

Eric Spears (original composer) would have been proud. Even as a maudlin piano piece, it was still instantly recognisable and added another layer to tonight's drama!.

With that aside, lets recap on this Wednesdays opening episode.

At the hospital, Tracy's guilty conscience finally comes to the fore and the truth about the garage tampering is revealed.. Hitting the self-destruct button (but strangely not Tracy) Abi is left reeling, and at her lowest ebb. With the secret out, and social services paying another visit, Abi's fraught emotions finally relent and she decides to give up the twins for good!. Although cautious, social services are in agreement. Seb, however, is angry and anguished; raging in fact.

After Monday's hairdressing awards,  Maria has finally seen Claudia's true colours. Deciding to disown the Salon franchise idea, Maria confides in Rita.

It seems Audrey impassioned awards speech (meme/viral hit/gif) has won her former prodigy over, and a new business partner in Rita. Is this the dawn of a new era for the Streets Salon?.

Over on Rosamund Street and seeing the florists empty, Seb decides to break in, before being caught by Abi. As Ken raises the alarm, will Abi take the blame again?.

In other news; Carla and Robert show support for Daniel and Sinead, and Simon decides to join the Navy.

Keep your eyes peeled for my 8.30 pm review, coming to the blog later today.

I am @rybazoxo your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'.


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely hated the new music

Ancient corrier said...

Please let Simon join the navy. As soon as possible.

Humpty Dumpty said...

This may be Simon's exit (temporary or otherwise) storyline. He can't go and stay with one of his parents because they are now both on the Street. I like the actor and the character but neither would be missed. Young children in soaps can work but teenagers are an awkward commodity. Simon might return in a couple of years with another head, having run away from sea. Alex Bain may also want to leave for other opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Like learning how not to get your girlfriend pregnant.

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