Thursday, 11 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 10th of Oct 8.30pm

As promised, here is tonight's second episode review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

So, the gruesome twosome have been discovered. Liz's alarmed face contorts to utter shock as Hannah Gilmore reveals the whole sordid affair. With Hannah still clinging to Jim, the fuming Irishman heads out to find his Elizabeth.

As Ryan and Ali weigh up Ronan's wreath giving and gangster tendencies, Michelle decides to meet Ronan at Cormac's wake. Michelle's emotional monologue has little effect on Ronan, it looks like Ryan is getting no recompense from Ronan!.

Will Steve suffer the same fate at the hands of his new wife?.

Revealing a secret honeymoon plan to Tracy, is a reconciliation on the cards for the newlyweds?.

With the evening guests gathering, Jenny (looking gorgeous in red) garners Johnny into the possibility of re-enacting their wedding vows. But with Hannah hanging around, Johnny surveys the wedding reception, and with a nervous energy.

At  Katie's graveside, Liz is visibly fraught and cannot contain her grief. Fraught and enraged with Jim, Liz is emotionally drained upon discovering her ex-husbands macabre plan. Jim tries reasoning with Liz, but it falls on deaf ears, and he falls on the floor.

Back at the reception, Hannah is ready to leave, but not before bumping into Jenny. Decidedly beaten by Jim's ex-wife and a lack of money from Johnny, Hannah is true to her word and reveals Johnny's deception with Liz, to a shocked Jenny!!

What a lot of #SecretsUnleashed in this week's Corrie!. 

In other news- Daniel announces Sinead's pregnancy and Ken discovers emoji's!.

As I am now writing both Wednesday nights episodes, I shall score this week 8/10. Secrets unleashed, cake fights, Leanne in a cupboard, and Kirks doggy ice-lolly dream. Perfection!.

What would you score it?

Anyway, that's me for another week.

I hope you've enjoyed my mid-week paean to the drama of Coronation Street.

I'm @rybazoxo  - your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'.

Join me next time, for more Wednesday Weatherfield Wisdom!.


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Louby said...

I'd give it 8 as well. It could have been even higher but still too much Michelle! Loads of drama and emotion, and loved Daniel and Sinead's wedding.

Great review, thanks. Poor Jenny!

Tashacat said...

Agree with what Louby said. I give it 7, for too much Michelle. Also, did I miss something ? Why is Amy in hospital ?

Abercrombie said...

Does Anyone like Michelle? And, if so, why?

maggie muggins said...

Thanks for your double reviews, Ryan! A seven from me too, more because Hannah was still in them. I enjoyed Tim and Dev's running commentary during the Tracy/Steve wedding. Hey, two weddings and a funeral!

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