Friday, 26 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 26 Oct


NICK AND SHONA GO HEAD TO HEAD Nick masks his panic when David notes all his missed calls from ‘E’. But when Shona overhears him telling someone that he’s been looking after his Mum she’s suspicious and confronts Nick. David returns home to find Shona and Nick mid row. As the row escalates David drops a bombshell. Leanne moves into her new Victoria Court flat with Toyah and Simon. Simon points out it’s obvious Leanne still loves Nick and should just admit it. Has he hit a nerve?
TRACY HAS A LOT TO ANSWER FOR Tracy arrives back from honeymoon without Steve, proudly revealing how she stole his passport and abandoned him in the desert. However when Shona discusses Michelle’s car crash, Tracy’s quietly horrified, especially when the police arrive to question Abi about Michelle’s car. As Abi’s led away, Tracy forms a plan and pockets Abi’s wallet and keys.
KEN PILES ON THE PRESSURE As Sinead heads to work she suffers a dizzy spell. When Daniel tells Ken that he’s worried about her, Ken covers his unease.
ELSEWHERE Gemma explains to Rita that Spike stayed the night but admits he’s no substitute for Chesney. Emma arranges another date with Chesney, he’s cool towards the idea but she assures him it’ll be good practise for when he meets the girl of his dreams.


NICK’S TORN BETWEEN TWO LIVES As David describes his ordeal, Nick’s consumed with guilt and offers to move back but David insists it isn’t necessary. Nick confides in Leanne how he’s let David down and he’s about to abandon him again. When Leanne suggests he should stick around, Nick’s heartened and calling ‘E’ he lies that his Mum’s taken a turn for the worse and he can’t return home.
TRACY SAVES HERSELF BUT DROPS ABI IN IT An irate Abi goes to the show the police the CCTV footage, knowing it will prove her innocence, but she’s horrified when Kevin discovers the laptop has been stolen. Tracy feels awful. As the police question Abi they suggest she was in cahoots with Ronan and sabotaged the car in return for drugs. Abi’s furious and back on the street loses her temper with a disbelieving Kevin.
ELSEWHERE Sinead’s taken aback when Claudia reveals that Ken has told her about her cancer and she has her support whatever she decides to do. Over dinner, Emma makes notes on Chesney’s performance as a boyfriend and suggests some improvements.

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