Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Charles Lawson explains why Hannah storyline was rushed

Charles Lawson, the actor who plays Jim McDonald in Coronation Street, was on BBC Breakfast this morning. Charles recently suffered a mini-stroke, live on stage while playing Ian Rankin's Rebus, and although he is well now, he wanted to speak out about the incident to help raise awareness of these attacks.  As someone who has gone through a mini-stroke (or TIA) and had to spend time in hospital, I know how scary these things are.

Anyway, as he was being interviewed, Charles also explained a little behind-the-scenes news on the Liz, Jim and Hannah storyline.  Personally, I think it is one of the worst storylines Coronation Street has done in many years.  What Charles said about the storyline goes a little way to explaining why the storyline didn't sit well on the screen - and with fans.

He said: "For those of you who thought it was completely nonsense and what have you, they asked me to come back for a year and I couldn't because I had committed to do Rebus. If they'd asked me earlier, when they'd got the storyline together, it might have been a different story. So a storyline that was that (he indicates 'big' with his hands) went to that (he indicates 'small') and consequently it annoyed some people."

You can say that again.

You can watch the interview here on the BBC iPlayer.

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Anonymous said...

Stupid and ridiculous story anyhow, I'm glad it was stopped short.

Louby said...

I hope Jim and Hannah get their come uppance, even if off screen. Especially her, nasty piece of work telling Jenny like that.

I hope Charles is much better.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hated that storyline. But then again I am not a fan of Jim MacDonald either.
I do however wish the actor well.

Unknown said...

i absolutely love that rascal jim macdonald...love me an irishman and he is sexy as hell

Anonymous said...

I love Jim so I do lol!
I was so happy to see him back again. I hate that he comes back only for these short stints , and then he's gone.... again. I do have to say though, I thought
the storyline was a bit ridiculous though.

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