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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Sam Aston Interview: Gemma or Emma for Chesney?

Has Chesney always had feelings for Gemma?
Chesney has always had Gemma’s back from day one. She has not had many people in her life who have been there for her, she’s a rough diamond.

What reaction do you get from viewers about Gemma and Chesney?
Even when Chesney was with Sinead, when I was out and about I had people asking, “What’s going on with Chesney and Gemma?” so people even saw it then. Sinead is finally with Daniel now but Chesney is really stupid and can’t read the signs.

Did you ever think Chesney would fall for Gemma?
I am glad that nothing has ever been rushed because the natural progression of it works. At first it was just a situation where they just got on really well but they’ve always been chasing each other’s tails and the timing has never worked.

What is it about Gemma that Chesney likes and why do they get on so well?
She is very fun and he has a good laugh with her. He is very protective over her because she has not got a lot of people in her life but Chesney hasn’t either. He has a real soft spot for her because she is actually very sweet.

Why does the date between Chesney and Gemma go wrong?
When Chesney asks Gemma for the date he messes it up completely because he makes it sound like it’s just mates meeting up for a drink but in his head he thinks he has done a really good job. He turns up in the Bistro in a velvet jacket, hair combed over and with flowers; he’s ready for the date because it’s a moment that has been coming for ages.

How does Chesney feel when he sees that Gemma has brought her mate, Spike, along?
He sees Spike; a 6 foot 4, tattooed to the nines, broad man who is the complete opposite of Chesney and he feels horrific. It couldn’t go any worse for Chesney but he doesn’t want to come across as a loner with flowers, waiting for her. It’s one of the most embarrassing situations that he could be in, it’s soul destroying for him.

Is he relieved when Emma jumps in as his date? What friendship do they have?
He doesn’t really know her and he sees her as a bit too bubbly and loud. Chesney sees Bethany in the Bistro and he wants her to stand in but Emma suggests herself so he just goes with it.

What’s going through Chesney’s head on the date?
It’s so awkward and Emma is really hamming it up so Chesney is dying inside. Chesney is jealous of Spike but he also takes an instant dislike to Spike because he is rude. The whole thing is a nightmare for Chesney!

What was that scene like to play?
It was great fun because it’s nice to do it all and have a go at the different storylines. When you get the giggles it’s really hard to shake them off because it becomes this big thing but you just need to let it out.

Do you think that Chesney needs dating tips from Emma?
He needs them but doesn’t really want to say he needs them because he is a lousy when it comes to dating. He has got his son and because of the way things ended with Sinead, he has not thought about jumping into another relationship. He has not had many girlfriends and he has not been on many dates so it’s uncharted territory for him. He should take Emma’s advice!

What’s it like working with Alexandra Mardell?
She is really cool. She plays this fun, bubbly character and she is a very nice girl in real life. We get on really well.

Do you think Chesney and Gemma would be good together?
I do think they would be good together and they say opposites attract and they are very opposites, they are like chalk and cheese. But they work great as friends as well so we will see.

What dating tips do you think Chesney needs?
A lot of it is just basics for Chesney, he is a very distracted person for example on his date with Emma, he just comes in and starts moaning! He needs to learn basic manners and how to make a girl feel good about herself because he is not the best at that.

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