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Monday, 15 October 2018

Jane Danson Interview: "Give Leanne and Nick a Happy Ever After"

Corrie actor Jane Danson recently sat down with the Blog to discuss Nick's return to the cobbles and what it might mean for Leanne. We also discussed her involvement in the big crash scenes with Ronan which aired last week and how she found filming those intense episodes:

How much of the car stunts did you do yourself?

All of it! They’ve slowed it all down a bit and obviously a lot of stuff always ends up on the cutting room floor. I think maybe because there was so much in the episode and maybe they didn’t want it to be too violent. In terms of the stunts they wouldn’t let you do anything that they are uncomfortable with. It was nice to get involved in that side of things. It was all filmed somewhere near Oldham, out of the way, really foresty, there was nobody else around.

Jane on location
Jane asks one of the Corrie team if she can give away some of the secrets of the stunt. Suffice to say it’s very clever but we wouldn’t want to ruin the illusion for you!

Was it fun to film the wedding cake fight?

No! Initially the cake was a huge three-tier wedding cake that I was supposed to pick up and throw in Tracy’s face. In rehearsal I tried it and I said “guys, this cakes about two stone!” I’m eight-stone soaking wet I can’t lift that! You just have to go for it in this scenes because it’s never going to be pleasant - covered in jam!

Of late we’ve been watching a fun Leanne, particularly with the hilarious love triangle with Imran. Now that Nick’s back is the party over?

Yep! It’s been nice that you’ve seen her have that bit of fun, because she never really has fun. But it goes a bit darker now Nick’s back. With Leanne and Nick something pulled them apart and something pulls them back together again. And now it’s whether she can forgive him for leaving her with a brand new baby. There’s a bit of drama to come. But it’s gorgeous to have Ben (Price) back he’s such a great guy. We enjoy each other’s company and we just know each other so well.

Would you like Leanne and Nick to have a happy ever after?

Yeah. I think it’s important to show that some people can stay together. Some of us do! It would be nice if they could build on that instead of tear it apart.

Do you think there’s much chance of that?

Are the good times over for Leanne?
Would you say they are a potential Jack and Vera of the future?

They are more like Ken and Deirdre because they keep breaking up and getting back together. Tyrone and Fiz have more of that Jack and Vera quality.

Are you happy at Corrie having been there so long?

I feel like one of the old ones now! Yeah I love it and I feel really lucky. It sounds really soppy to say but it is a lovely place to work. It’s a dream job. I like to see the feisty side that Leanne has. She is getting older so she cant be as flighty any more! I want them to keep her the character that she always has been, and I like it now that Toyah’s back.

One of the journalists in the groups asks whether Jane is taking part in this year’s Dancing on Ice.

If it was true, I would feel a bit nervous! Sometimes we are very fortunate that these opportunities come along and sometimes you have to take it because it might not come up again. So…IF that opportunity were to come, I might just want to grab it with both hands! It might mean Leanne has a bit of a quiet Christmas on the cobbles…

It’s since been confirmed that Jane WILL be appearing on the hit ITV show. You can read more about that here

From Corrie Queen to Ice Queen

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Shells said...

Love her! Love that Nick is back too.

I don't understand Dancing on Ice - not on in Canada. How do they all skate well enough to do this? :-)

Stevie said...

Shells...quite often they AREN'T very good at ice skating which is the best part of the show :)

Shells said...

Sound dangerous! LOL

coconno196 said...

Yes it is dangerous! There have been close calls and serious injuries. I'm surprised they are allowed to make such a programme. The insurance premiums must be huge.

Anonymous said...

Still not as bad as that skiing programme. I love Dancing on Ice, knocks Come Dancing into a cocked hat!


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