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Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th July and 1st August 1990

Joanne finally made it back to Weatherfield, avoiding the wandering hands of a bunch of pervy drivers until a woman took her back to Coronation Street.  Her dad took her back to Canterbury and Jenny and Flick went to France for a fruit picking holiday.  (That was the end of Flick, by the way; by the end of the holidays she'll be replaced by Angie Freeman).  On the way out the door Joanne told Liz where Steve was and she drove up to the Lake District to bring him home.  Peter wrote and told Ken that he was getting married - to just one woman this time - and he wanted Tracy to travel to Portsmouth to be a bridesmaid.  Handy reminder that he really should've been there for Tracy marrying Steve.  Ken, the arrogant pig, hadn't bothered telling Peter and Susan that his marriage had broken up and when Deirdre refused to play Happy Families he lost his rag.  He called Dave a thick lout and basically implied that now he'd split up from Wendy Crozier they should just pretend the last year hadn't happened.  Deirdre rightfully chucked him out.  Martin's car broke down and had to be sold for scrap.  He suggested using Brian's insurance money to buy a new one, but Gail refused, saying it was for Nicky and Sarah-Lou's future, so Audrey bought them one.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 6th August 1990

Human bowel infection Ivy Brennan was particularly bitter and twisted after Audrey's gift.  She immediately blabbed to Alf in the Rovers, who argued with Audrey over spending £2000 without asking him.  She pointed out it was the money he'd told the taxman was her salary and you have to live a little.  She soon won him over with a glamorous purple frock and a candlelit dinner.  Liz returned with Steve, and Jim immediately tried to beat seven bells out of him.  Liz threatened to leave if he touched a hair on his head, and later added that she didn't want the motorbike back either.  Mike was already tired of working for Peter Ingram and set up a shell company to get back in the rag trade, in direct violation of his contract. Ken Barlow tried to get back with Deirdre, dismissing Wendy Crozier as a "mistake" and saying he still loved her.  Because he is an arrogant arse, he preceded this by telling Dave Barton to back off because obviously Deirdre would be getting back with him soon.  She told Ken to get lost and planned a dirty weekend with Dave while Tracy was off at Peter's wedding.  Attagirl.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 10th August 1990

Jack and Don became convinced that Des was slipping them coded horse tips.  This is of course how bookies operate; they love giving money away.  They spread the word to Mark, who put his holiday money on it, only to lose it all because obviously the "tips" were all in Jack's head.  Tracy and Ken returned from Peter's wedding (represented by a hotel pool and a random extra, with no sign of a bride and groom at all) to find Deirdre was still away on her dirty weekend with Dave.  She came back all loved up which showed up Ken's promise to Tracy that he'd soon be back with her mum was a big fat lie.  Mike interviewed people for the manager position at his new dodgy company - first an Asian man who wanted to buy into the business, then a woman named Jackie who Baldwin simultaneously patronised and perved over.  She made quite the impression, but caused even more of a ruckus when Mike when round to his boss's house and discovered she was actually Mrs Ingram.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th August 1990

Vera confronted Steph Barnes at work, shouting at her about her dodgy husband supplying bent tips.  Des told Jack and Don that he didn't give out tips; this didn't stop Vera from carrying a grudge against the Barnes family and refusing to let them park outside her house.  Tina won Newton & Ridley Barmaid of the Month, so Alec made her scrub the toilets to keep her humble. Understandably she wasn't too chuffed, first telling him to stick the award, then keeping him waiting at the presentation.  She finally turned up in some kind of weird bondage outfit and accepted a bottle of champers from Nigel Ridley.  Mike was demoted to the shop floor of the factory by Peter Ingram as a way of punishing him and also keeping an eye on him.  He was furious, but still threw himself into the job, working late.  Peter found him and they were soon rowing.  The argument only ended when Ingram collapsed to the floor, clutching his chest...

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 20th August 1990

Bad news at the Ingram factory as Peter died from his heart attack.  Mike's reaction was swift; he started the necessary manoeuvres to take over.  Heart like a swinging brick that man.  On the Street, Vera continued her vendetta against Des Barnes (even though Jack's losses weren't his fault) by writing GET LOST YOU YUPIS on their windscreen in shaving foam.  Yes, that is how Vera spelt "yuppies".  She continued to bellow at them in the Street and, when she spotted a bit of her stone cladding had fallen on the floor, blamed them again and tried to chuck it through their window.  Unfortunately she missed and ruined the Wiltons' night by breaking their front window instead. That put DI Derek on the case, and by analysing angles and careful study, he wrongly convinced himself the McDonald twins did it.  Jim soon put him right with the threat of violence, and when Steph told him it was Vera, he steeled himself and confronted her.  She accidentally confessed but refused to pay for it.  The Duckworths headed for the pub to celebrate their wedding anniversary but a policeman entered and asked to speak to Vera.  She was about to explode when he stripped off: he was a kissogram paid by Steph to wind her up.  Vera swore revenge, again, because she cannot let anything drop.

@merseytart wants to go back in time and tell Jackie Ingram to flog the factory and run while she's still got the chance.

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Louby said...

"Human bowel infection Ivy.... brilliant!

I'm very happy to hear that Flick has now gone and Angie will be appearing very soon.

I particularly liked the "wedding on a budget" episode where we didn't get to see the bride, groom or Susan, just some random uncle outside. They must have blown that month's budget on Steve's trip to the Lakes. Did you notice that the Lakes were very quiet for what was supposed to be the summer holiday period?


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