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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Corrie weekly update – Hello Sinead, You Look Nice!

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This was the week when we saw not one, but two Coronation Street weddings and a car crash that left a drug dealer dead.  First off we head to the wedding of Tracy Barlow who forsakes all others to marry Steve McDonald again. But after they’ve said “I do” Tracy finds out from Abi that Steve’s slept with Leanne. Tracy simmers with rage until Steve’s ready to do their wedding dance at the reception. It’s the Dirty Dancing number and Tracy runs into Steve’s arms, or at least that’s what he was expecting but instead she punches him in the face. Steve heads off to Morocco on the secret honeymoon he’d booked and Tracy’s in bits, wondering if she should forgive him. But she goes anyway (you think she’d miss a free holiday?) and in a wonderful line she says: “I’ve always fancied going to Morocco. I think my kidney’s homesick.” 

The other wonderful line, for me, this week – apart from almost everything that Mary said of course – was Tracy’s micky take of Sinead, just wonderful. "Hello, Sinead. You look nice."

The other Barlow wedding took place in the new urban garden on Victoria Street. It’s Daniel and Sinead, who has the wedding sprung on her by Daniel who planned it in secret while Sinead is at the dentist. Except she wasn’t at the dentist, she was at the hospital, being told that she needed more tests to determine whether she’s got cervical cancer and she might lose her baby too. She keeps all of this to herself, grits her teeth and marries Daniel in a ceremony presided over by Kirk with words that vicar Billy has written. A lovely scene in which Billy’s speech about stranger danger were read out by Kirk instead.

Elsewhere this week, the whole horrible Hannah, Jim and Liz storyline came to a close at last. My heart broke for Liz, not when she found out that Hannah wasn’t really her daughter, because I never bought in to the fact that Liz would be so daft as to not check the DNA, contact the hospital or do some checking to prove who Hannah really was. No, my heart broke when Liz was at Katie’s graveside and when she pored over the photograph of Katie’s baby scan. Let’s hope it’s the last we’ll ever see of Hannah, Jim and this absolutely awful story. Liz tells Jim that what he’s done to her is “the cruelest fraud”. For us fans who have invested heavily over the years in Liz’s loss of her baby the same could be said of this story. Come on, Corrie, don’t give us stories like this again.

Speaking of which, here’s another I’m glad is done with this week. Michelle goes to see drug dealer Ronan on the funeral day of his son Cormac. Ronan blames Ryan for the death of his son and Michelle tries, but fails, to get Ronan to see sense.  He’s not really that sort of bloke. Anyway, Michelle bundles her boys into the car and drives off, away from Ronan but he follows on in his car. Michelle’s car breaks down because Tracy Barlow attacked it earlier, getting her revenge on Abi when she thought she’d slept with Steve. But anyway, back to the car crash - Ryan gets out, Ronan runs at him and smashes into him. Robert and Leanne are in another car and Leanne’s caught up in the carnage, left for dead on the road. Meanwhile Ronan has a huge metal spike sticking out of his stomach. The paramedics arrive, Ali does what he has to do as a doctor and goes to save Ronan but he can’t, not after what he’s done to his brother. Ali takes Ronan’s hands and puts them to the metal spike, he covers Ronan’s hands with his own and yanks out the spike, causing Ronan to die. He tells the cops Ronan did it himself. Anyway, everyone’s taken off to hospital where Nick Tilsley turns up at Leanne’s bedside. Get it? Got it? Good.

Sinead goes for tests on her wedding day
Nick turns up at Leanne’s hospital bedside
Ryan is taken in after the car crash

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Flo said...

Tracy's Sinead imitation will be etched in my mind forever, a Corrie classic moment. Kate Ford has been awesome lately, and I hope with the change in producer, they continue to write for her in the same manner.

So glad we are to the end of both the Hannah/Jim and Cormac storylines for the most part. Both have been awful to watch.

Shells said...

I wondered why Michelle's car broke down. Wasn't watching closely enough and failed to connect it was the same car that Tracy vandalized. Nice catch.

Ronan's accident wwas the slowest speed accident ever, lol!

Anonymous said...

Ditto and ditto... for me the bright spot of the Ronan/Cormac debacle was Dr Ali. As much as I cringed at the telly whenever Ryan and Michele were on-screen, I felt truly sorry for Ali--hoping that he could somehow escape his family. This murder twist adds much more baggage to this character, but it also adds more screen-time.


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