Friday, 12 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 October 7.30pm

Evening Corrie fans, it's Kelly here with your Friday night reviews.

We’re still at the disastrous Barlow/McDonald wedding where Hannah is cruelly tormenting Jenny by repeating the news that Johnny slept with Liz. A shell-shocked Jenny returns to the Rovers and recounts the events of the wedding (minus her husband's infidelity) to the delight of Rita and Gemma. But will she confront Johnny?

Up in the ‘bridal suite’ Mary and Abi are trying to comfort Tracy, who wants to both go on her dream honeymoon with Steve but also smash his face in. As she’s already accomplished one of the two she might at least get herself a suntan.

Over at the Osbourne/Tinker nuptials Sinead decides she needs to tell Chesney that she’s got married. He doesn’t seem that surprised, but then Chesney has all the emotional range of a lamp shade so it’s hard to tell whether the news has affected him or not. Suddenly feeling emotional Sinead lets Ches believe it’s because of her pregnancy, which leads him to unwittingly give her the wrong advice about how you should do anything for your children. Looks like Sinead won’t be making a sensible decision any time soon.

Meanwhile a frantic Michelle returns from her unsuccessful meeting with Ronan screeching that she Ryan, Ali and Robert all need to immediately go on the run.  Given that they have no passports, no money and no Robert you can’t help but think that this is rather half-baked plan, but as we all know Michelle is the Queen of the Universe and shall not be argued with.  They speed off, but Ronan is chasing them. Voice of reason Ali calls the police while Michelle and Ryan mainly just scream at each other.  Unfortunately, Tracy has tampered with the car and Michelle’s engine dies. Ryan gets out of the car and Ronan drives straight at him knocking him over the windscreen.  As Michelle does some more screaming, Ronan reverses and hits Leanne (who for completely unknown reasons has arrived with Robert) and then crashes through a fence and into the woods.

Who will survive?  Could Leanne’s day get any worse? Will Michelle remember that other people exist? We’ll find out at 8.30...

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