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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Nick’s secret life revealed

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Nick starts getting phone calls from someone with the initial ‘E’ on his phone. He lies to whoever it is, telling them that his mum is ill and he can’t return home. He wants to stay on in Weatherfield to make a go of things with Leanne, but who is this ‘E’ that he’s lying to?

Nick also surprises Toyah and Leanne by telling them he has put a deposit down and paid three months rent on Johnny’s old flat in Victoria Street. The Battersby sisters move into the flat and Nick tries to get back with Leanne. He’s urged on by Simon, who wants Nick and Leanne back together, but Leanne tells him not to get his hopes up at all.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy Nick/Ben Price is back - I've really missed him.

You know, I strongly suspect that Nick will get back with Carla and Peter will get back with Leanne. I find Peter/Carla and Leanne/Nick really quite depressing as couples. Yes they have powerful on screen chemistry, but over the past decade they've only ever been miserable together (particularly from 2012 - 2014).

I think given that they've kicked off each story with rather blatant Peter/Carla and Nick/Leanne shipping, I think that would just be the far too obvious thing to do. If at say Christmas both those couples reunite, it'll just be a bit like "meh okay then, next". There won't be any element of surprise or twist.

Take Peter and Leanne first, they've got just as much chemistry as anyone. And back in the day they were genuinely happy. Kate Oates has very subtly tried to rebuild their relationship over the past two years - with many poignant scenes with the two. And I STILL think that the whole Peter/Toyah/living at the Rovers thing wasn't an accident, I'm sure the whole point of it was to add another layer to their relationship and eventually put them back together. Peter seems to have a really fondness for Oliver too and that must be a lot to do with him being Leanne's son.

And I just can't see how Peter and Carla will carry on if Peter's selling he factory.Now, I think it's fairly obvious Peter will sell up to Nick. Nick and Carla had such a fiery relationship back in 2010 when they ran Underworld together. It felt much more like Carla/Liam than Carla/Peter. And I reckon, when the mystery person turns up. Leanne will be angry and Carla will try to be understanding.

I think over the next few months, like when Peter set up shop with Carla in summer, and Leanne kept going on at him at how it was a mistake, we'll see Peter saying the same to Leanne RE Nick. Near to the time last year when Nick left, I remember him asking Michelle whether Carla was too good for him. I think that Carla is something very strongly at the back of Nick's mind. I'm expecting quite a powerful scene on Wednesday when Carla sees Nick too.

If Peter/Carla and Nick/Leanne reunite, then they will forever have to be in each other's orbit, with Simon etc. And things will just get really fraught and intense given the history with the four like in 2012. If Peter/Leanne and Nick/Carla hook up, then for the most part they can happily get on with their lives. Simon is Peter's son and Oliver is Leanne's son so they'd be equals in a relationship. Nick and Carla don't have children, so they could either have some, or they'd at the very least be able to focus on each other and not have any split loyalties.

Anyway, that's the way I'd like to see things happen and I think it'd make sense story wise. But we'll see.


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