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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Bhavna Limbachia interview: Kate and Rana's double proposal #Kana

How has Rana found the cruise and spending one on one time with her mum?
They have tried to make things work and understand each other better as they are on a cruise so there’s really nowhere to escape! Rana is trying to rebuild her relationship with her mother but her mum just keeps trying to fix her up with other men in the hope that she will change her mind. They are trying to find their happy medium to please each other but it’s still not really going to plan.

Can you tell us the moment that makes Rana realise that she wants to propose to Kate?
Having the time apart has made Rana realise that she has really missed Kate and all she wants to do is get back and cement their relationship. They have had so many hardships in their lives and they’ve lost loved ones which has brought them closer together. They have misunderstood each other in the past but they have always overcome that and that’s what makes their bond so strong.

What happens when Rana gets back to the street?
Rana gets back early to surprise Kate but Kate wants to surprise Rana. There is a lovely, endearing moment when Rana asks Johnny for permission to marry Kate and he is over the moon. I love how Jenny and Johnny are in on this little secret! You think both Kate and Rana proposing would be an unlikely event to happen but if you follow their separate journeys you can see how this has happened.

How did you find filming those scenes?
It was really emotional. When I first read the script it really moved me and I texted Faye to say that I’ve just cried reading it! It was because I knew how much heart was going to go in to filming this scene so when we did come to film it we were both feeling teary. This is the peak in their relationship and such a pleasant surprise for both of them and it just makes both of them feel confident and complete, knowing that they are on the same page as each other.

Did you see this coming for Rana?
It was naturally the next step to take because the stakes were so high when they left. When Rana comes back she just feels that there is no point wasting any time.

What sort of wedding do you think Kate and Rana would like?
I think it will be important for both of them to have their identities, their religion, their roots and their cultures put together because they are from two completely different backgrounds. Kate’s family have always being accepting of her sexuality whereas Rana’s family have always been quite traditional and it is a powerful message to say that it doesn’t matter where you are from, love is love. It will be interesting to see all the elements coming together.

What does Rana think her mum will think of the proposal?
Rana naturally thinks that her mum won’t be happy with it or want to give her blessing but I believe that Rana’s mum does want to understand. It’s a really important message; let’s educate ourselves in order to understand others. Rana’s mum wants to understand Rana’s sexuality and her relationship so hopefully, eventually she will come round.

What do you think the Kana fans will think of the double proposal?
At the moment they are hoping Rana is going to propose but a few of them think that it will be Kate because she has been the one who has lead the relationship because she has always been comfortable with her sexuality so it will be a treat for them. It’s going to be a pleasant surprise that they both proposal together.

How does Rana feel when Kate says that she will make a good mum?
 When Rana was in a relationship with Zeedan she was never ready to have children and a part of Rana has always had that fear. Before she came on to the cobbles she was a free spirit, she wanted travel and she wanted to see the world and that’s what she wants with Kate so it throws her that Kate wants children straight away because it is not a conversation that they have had before. The more Kate talks about it, the more that fear is embedded in Rana and she can’t shift it. But she does want to make Kate happy because they finally have something to celebrate.

Why does Rana feel like she can’t speak to Kate about how she feels?
Rana doesn’t want to disappoint Kate, she wants to give her everything she wants in life and she wants her to be happy especially after losing Aidan. They are really happy together at the moment and she doesn’t want to burst that bubble.

How much of a problem could this be for Rana in the future or is this something that they can talk through?
It is something that they would love to compromise on but until it comes to the actual decision it may be something that will make them or break them...

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