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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 19 October 2018

This week follows the fall out from last week.  With two characters in hospital it is fair to say that comedy was not that near the surface on Monday.  Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) had the heavy lifting to do on Monday facing up to what she had sort of guessed but now knew.  Johnny is trying to explain that his indiscretion with Liz was important - Jenny latches onto this - so it was a "big deal" with "Big Mac"(Donald).  Having told Johnny he is forgiven she adds that "Liz is a whole different slapper correction matter and leave the barmaid to me."  And she tells Liz to decide if she is going to be bothered to turn up for her next shift at 6, which she does, driving Jenny to the bottle.

I did feel sorry for Leanne at one point if she had woken up with Nick one side of her bed and Peter on the other side.  News of Nick's return did not impress David although he did offer to pop along to Freshco to see if they had good stocks of fatted calves.

Having been sent on his way by Leanne and Toyah it is fair to say that Nick is looking for anyone who will be his friend and was getting on very well with David (the dog) until David returns home; he picks the dog up and calls him a traitor!

It was also inevitable that Gail would want to say "I told you so" as she reminds Nick that she warned him about both Leanne and Carla.  As yet of course she is unaware of "E" who is constantly phoning Nick and whom he is studiously avoiding most of the time.  His partner in his Nottingham restaurant perhaps?

How to turn a crisis into drama - and get the wrong result.  Ali is trying to leave Weatherfield so Michelle stands in front of his car (a suspended trainee doctor can afford a TT?) and she pleads for him not to leave whilst he is revving engine.  It had all the wrong effect on me as I thought there were two outcomes - either Ali backed down or Michelle got flattened, so it made me laugh!  It is rumoured that some viewers are not keen on Michelle.  But I am sure there are less dramatic ways of getting Ali to stay than standing in front of his car.  Remember Michelle he was not keen on either mother a few months ago!

Friday was at the weaker end of the humour spectrum.  Sinead's secret is uncovered and Vicky was ushered off to a new job, she did manage one little crack before she departed to Natty's Nicks:

She tells Sarah to keep her wig on when Sarahmis advising Peter that the workforce will revolt if Vicky returns to work.

There was a bright spot, in fact a double bright spot.  Firstly Jack was sounding more positive and in this particular scene I felt the actor also came alive - really giving good delivery of his lines and telling a little story to explain that he was not playing on the Street at the moment.  Kyran Bowes really pulled off his part tonight - I hope he has a bright future ahead of him. This was followed by some good natured joking between Gary and Ty.  More of this please.

Extras at work - this week from the Viaduct bistro where Angie (who remember had lunch in Speed Dahl) is dining with Jude.

She is not referring to the extra wandering past behind them but to her lunch "date" who is less than complimentary with the nick names he uses on his phobile moan.  She asked if he called her "Big Butt Angie" - a hint of dislike of part of your body there Angie?

Friday review will be along a little later.

Writers: Carmel Morgan & Sam Holdsworth (Monday), David Isaac (Wednesday), Susan Oudot and Ian Kershaw (Friday)
Directors: Tim O'Mara (Monday), Duncan Foster (Wednesday & Friday)


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