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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Corrie weekly update – Saucy Stories, Chipolatas & Spike

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Jude left this week and we cheered. However, the dullest man in soap is set for a return so don’t get too excited yet. Jude leaves after the truth emerges about him not being the one to save Roy’s life. Neither is he training to be a paramedic.  When he argues with Mary in the house, he raises his hand to stop her leaving the room. But his hand hits Mary’s face and she’s left with a bruise. She’s torn, is Mary. She doesn’t want to lose her son but neither can she give house room to someone as pathetic a person as Jude. He leaves on the Weatherfield tram and Angie tells Mary she’s going to file for divorce. Mary walks into Roy’s arms and an awkward hug.

One of my favourite parts of the show this week came from Roy. In the café he waxed lyrical on kitchen sink dramas. Corrie being the biggest and best known of course. It all turned a little meta and self-referential but it was a bit of soap magic from Corrie writer Julie Jones.

Elsewhere this week, Brian is conned into running the school holiday club in the community centre. His headteacher takes the credit for Brian’s hard work when an inspector calls round. Cathy overhears the headteacher and tells Brian what’s happened, but he refuses to believe it, for now. Brian also brings in Canadian Greg who trains Paralympians. He’s an amputee like Jack and his visit to does much to boost Jack’s confidence, as does finding a new friend in Lyla.

Audrey’s not best pleased when she recognizes herself in the saucy salon stories that Claudia tells Ken. Not only that, but Ken sells a story to The Weatherfield Gazette and so Audrey’s antics are all over the news.  “I’ll kill that tart!” Audrey yells when she spies Claudia on the cobbles.
Sinead’s secret is spilled this week by Ken who tells Claudia that Sinead’s got cervical cancer. None of the other Barlows yet know, so why Ken felt he could tell an outsider is beyond me. He’s so selfish, that man.

Up in Victoria Court, Leanne and Toyah move in to Johnny Connor’s old flat. They take Simon with them and he’s upset that Nick is going back to the mysterious ‘E’ who keeps ringing. Simon wants Nick and Leanne back together, as does Nick and Leanne by the way things are going. Nick rings the mysterious ‘E’ and lies to her. He tells her that he’s looking after his mum as she’s ill and he’s staying on the Street.  He also pays the deposit on the flat so that Leanne can move straight in when she’s discharged from hospital.

Nick argues with Shona this week, berating her for sponging off David. She’s furious with Nick and when David comes home to find them arguing, he lets rip at Nick too. The brothers calm down and David tells him he was raped. He rails against Nick, demanding to know where he was when he needed him.

Tracy returns from honeymoon without Steve. He’s stranded in the desert and she’s got his passport. She’s scared when she finds out the police are asking questions about Michelle’s car when it was in for repair at Kev’s garage. Abi’s taken in for questioning when the laptop goes missing that has CCTV on it from Kev’s garage. Abi’s suspect number one, given her past with drugs and when Kev winds her up in the Rovers, she punches him across the chops. Meanwhile, Tracy watches what’s on as Abi gets arrested – for a crime that she committed.

And finally this week, in some lovely scenes, Chesney wants to date Gemma and sets out to impress with a bunch of flowers in the Bistro. But Gemma turns up with her old flame, Spike. Chesney tries to make Gemma jealous by pretending to date Emma from the salon, a wonderful actress and a great character too. Emma falls for Chesney, but his heart is with Gemma, even when she takes Spike back to Rita’s house and he goes after Rita’s chipolatas.  Emma tells Chesney she’ll help him find his dream girl and so they go on a date where Emma rates Chesney’s pulling prowess, making notes in a book. She also lets slip that her grandmother played as goalie for Weatherfield County ladies football team. What a girl.


Leanne recovers from the car crash

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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This week’s writers were Julie Jones and Mark Wadlow (Monday); Simon Crowther x 2 (Wednesday); Cameron McAllister and Alasdair Morrison (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Pat said...

Ken needed to tell someone for his own sanity. Claudia was a good choice. As a female outside of the family she was able to give a better perspective on the situation than close family members. ( This is the first time I have ever defended Ken in thirty years plus!)

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's hard to be remotely interested in Jude & co. I'm not surprised to read that he will be back; his departure was too rushed. And would Mary really tell Angie at the awards ceremony? Isn't it more likely she would wait until they were home? Too silly. I agree with Pat above that Ken needed to tell someone and Sinead would probably value the support of an 'auntie/granny' figure from outside her stifling networks. Nick came back because he's running away from a woman. Hopefully, there aren't more babies involved as that is becoming a boring, repeated theme. I like young Jack. The actor has got a sweet but intelligent look about him and he's been given some good lines.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that's been said elsewhere that Jude isn't Mary's son, and that the real Jude (who is in fact actually a marine biologist) had his identity stolen. That was long before "Jude" met Angie and he's been keeping the lie going for years.

Ancient corrier said...

Stolen identity, I love it.
There is something very creepy and odd about Jude and that's why he's coming across as a boring character. He's kind of Roy -like but without any endearing traits.
I hope he does turn out to not be Mary's son, she deserves much better.

coconno196 said...

I too hope Jude isn't Mary's son, but sadly that would mean George not being her grandson. Still, she has now bonded with Angie, so could be honorary grandma if Angie stays in Weatherfield.


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