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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Corrie weekly update – Guilt Toast and Flowers of Shame

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Jenny digs deep and forgives Johnny for his night of passion with Liz. Well, when I say she forgives Johnny, that’s what she tells him. She forces a smile in front of the bar and knocks back the wine, in tears, in the back room. It’s wonderful stuff indeed. She storms round to give Liz a piece of her mind. Liz is in a fragile state after finding out about Hannah and sucks up Jenny’s words rather than fighting back. Liz assumes she’s sacked from the Rovers but Jenny tells her if she wants the job, she’s still got it. Liz wonders where else she can work, realises there’s no other jobs out there and turns up in the Rovers in her warpaint and armour. Jenny makes a song and dance about snuggling up to Johnny every time Liz glances his way. Rita can’t believe her eyes when she sees what’s going on and frankly neither can I. It’s horrible, cringe-worthy stuff from Jenny but completely in character and it fair breaks your heart.  Johnny tries too hard, offering to make breakfast and gives her a bouquet. “What’s this?” she barks. “Guilt toast and flowers of shame.” A lovely line from David Isaac that I intend to use at the next opportunity.

Gail’s furious when she finds out that her golden boy Nick’s at Leanne’s bedside. He’s not even let his own mum know that he’s back in Weatherfield. Nick tells Leanne he still loves her and groggy from her operation, she replies in kind.  That is, until Peter arrives and he and Nick start arguing across Leanne’s bed. Wonderful stuff indeed. 

The cops quiz Ali about Ronan’s death and he’s having a hard time coping with, er, helping Ronan die. Ali confides in Michelle about what he did to Ronan and she tells Robert. Meanwhile, Michelle’s other son Ryan languishes in a hospital bed feeling sorry for himself.

Sinead’s called in to the hospital where she receives the devastating news that she’s got grade three cervical cancer. The nurse tells her she wants her to start aggressive chemotherapy to help save her life, but this means terminating the pregnancy. There is another option, gentle chemotherapy to start at the end of the first trimester but it comes with no guarantee of saving Sinead.  She’s in bits, as you’d imagine, and as she’s crying in the hospital corridor, she bumps into Ken who’s been visiting Amy. She ends up telling Ken everything and he urges her to tell Daniel the truth, or he will do it for her. Daniel’s just received a letter from Manchester University too, accepting him onto the MA course of his dreams and guess what? He can start tomorrow. Oh dear, none of this will end well.

Speaking of Ken, the stories he’s been writing for the Weatherfield Gazette based on Claudia’s tales from the hair salon, have proved a success. One of the stories is going to be printed but when Daniel reads it he’s shocked to find it’s saucy.

Over at Underworld, Peter has trouble controlling the girls when Tyler’s mum Vicky starts winding everyone up. But help is at hand when Stacey Silverton (who’s got “three ex-husbands and a mutiny on the shop floor” – a lovely line from Susan Oudot) of Natty Knicks is looking for staff. Peter hands Vicky Stacey’s business card and tells her to jog on. 

Angie goes on an internet date. I can’t tell you any more on this because every time she and Jude come on screen we whiz their scenes on with the remote.

And finally this week, Brian’s looking forward to a half-term break from school and Cathy’s eyeing up a cottage in North Wales for a holiday for them. But then Brian’s encouraged to take on the school holiday club instead and he agrees, although he’s not quite sure what’s hit him. Cathy, as you can imagine, is not best pleased.


Leanne recovers from the car crash
Ryan recovers from the car crash
Sinead receives devastating news about her cancer
Ken visits Amy

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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Anna said...

How old is Ryan supposed to be? He's like a little kid -'mum you weren't here when I woke up' boo hoo!

popcorn said...

Wow, the NHS must be rolling in money considering how long Amy has been in the hospital. In Canada, seniors only get to stay in 2 days for hip surgery!

Anonymous said...

The whole Amy being kept in the hospital with a broken arm story is completely ridiculous! Clearly the actress who plays her is away for some reason and that's the best they could come up with!

abbyk said...

Exactly the same age as Ali.

abbyk said...

And her parents left her to go on a Morrocan holiday. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, tptb are governed by the laws of the land as to how many hours per year that school age children are actually allowed to film. Hence the reason all the kids have long disappearances when they're not on screen. Can't remember the last time Faye was on screen or did she return to Durham with Anna?


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