Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 31 Oct

THINGS ARE MOVING TOO FAST FOR SINEAD Daniel breaks the news of Sinead’s cancer to Beth. At the hospital Sinead reveals she’s going to start mild chemo which won’t harm the baby. But as the oncologist explains the procedure she’s clearly terrified. As the nurse collects a teary Sinead for her first chemo Daniel assures her she’s doing the right thing for both she and the baby. Meanwhile at the factory, Sarah suggests they enter Sinead’s designs into the Big Nightwear Competition to raise money for charity.
STEVE IS SUSPICIOUS OF TRACY When a downcast Abi suggests putting the twins up for adoption Tracy’s horrified and vows to help fight to get them back. Steve finds Kevin’s laptop stashed in the Street Cars’ flat. As he views the incriminating CCTV footage he’s shocked to see Tracy sabotaging Michelle’s car.
GINA’S FEELINGS FOR TIM GROW As Gina fusses over Tim and hands him a packed lunch, it’s clear she’s got a soft spot for him.
ELSEWHERE Ali’s unnerved when he’s summoned to a meeting at the hospital.

STEVE DISCOVERS A SKELETON IN TRACY’S CLOSET Steve’s incredulous as Tracy admits she thought he was having an affair with Abi, so in a bid for revenge sabotaged Michelle’s car hoping Abi would lose her job but now she could lose her kids too. Consumed by guilt Tracy heads to the police station.
PETER CAN’T EXORCISE HIS FEELINGS FOR CARLA After finishing the nightwear for the competition, Carla and the factory staff descend on the Rovers. Peter watches in admiration. Liz and Carla then get the girls involved in the pub’s Halloween themed charity night.
SINEAD SUFFERS HER FIRST ROUND OF CHEMO Daniel returns home with Sinead who’s clearly weak. When the hospital call with her next appointment, Sinead tells them she can’t make it and will be in touch. Unaware that she’s refused treatment, Daniel tells her everything is going to be fine.
ELSEWHERE The police call at Robert’s flat and confirm that Michelle’s car was not the cause of the accident. Michelle breathes a sigh of relief whilst Ali remains worried.

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