Friday, 12 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 12 Oct

MICHELLE HAS RUN OUT OF ROAD With Ronan hellbent on revenge, Michelle tells Ryan and Ali they’ve no choice but to go and ask for police protection. But as they get into the car they realise Ronan is following them. With no choice but to go on the run Michelle floors it with Ronan in hot pursuit. But when Michelle’s engine suddenly dies (Tracy tampered with the car) the Connors become sitting ducks as Ronan wreaks his revenge as a dramatic car crash takes place. With Ryan out of the car Ronan drives straight at him.
JOHNNY’S WORLD IS ABOUT TO BE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN Jenny returns to the Rovers and recounts the events of the wedding.
ELSEWHERE Sinead opens up to Chesney.

An ambulance is called and CPR performed as the crash victims fight for their lives.
Will Johnny come clean to Jenny?
Nick’s feelings for Leanne bring him back to the street.
Eileen has some news for Tracy.

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