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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review 26 October 2018

Now here is the nicer side of the Street.  Emma wants Chesney.  Chesney wants Gemma.  Gemma has decided to see a lot of Spike (too much of him from Rita's point of view as it is putting her off her chipolatas for breakfast).  So Emma devises a little plan.  She gets Chesney to invite her on a "date" at which she explains to him how he should treat an attractive lady he is wining and dining and later how they should kiss goodnight.  Sadly Chesney has still not got the message by the end of the "date".  I suspect she could invite him to bed and take all her clothes off and he would still not get the message!

Tracy is back but has left Steve behind in the desert and has brought his passport back as part of his punishment.  She hears the police are interested in the damage to Michelle's car and they have reached the conclusion that drug dealer Ronan paid drug consuming Abi Franklin to sabotage the car whilst it was being serviced. (DS MacKinnon is famous for arresting the wrong person).  Abi gets arrested (above).  Earlier Tracy had "lifted" Abi's keys to the garage and Tracy then removed the laptop with the CCTV evidence that she had damaged Michelle's car.  Tracy later returns Abi's keys.  Abi is freed but remains under suspicion as not even Kev will stand up for her.  When Abi punches Kev on the nose in the Rovers he has no choice but to sack her.  Tracy has now really dropped one of her best mates right in the doo-doo.

Following the dramatic return of Nick last week his imminent departure has been the theme of the week, along with numerous phone calls and messages to his phone from "E" who is allegedly one of the chefs at his restaurant in Nottingham.  (Simon gets a look in and makes it clear that he thinks that Leanne still loves Nick).  Shona keeps giving Nick the evils and eventually Nick is told by David of the events with Josh and how that matter is solved.  After a rocky start Nick is also worming his way back into Leanne's good books (and her pants?).  How many times have those two been together, split and later been re-assembled - are we into double figures yet?  Shortly before the phone call above David and Nick had buried the hatchet (consequently Gail is over the moon) and Nick was saying he was off back to Nottingham.  However the phone call above commenced in the flat he has rented for the Battersby sisters whilst he was charming Leanne and it looks like Gail's illness is simply not improving!  Poor "E" is being fed a pack of lies.

Talking of liars Ange is convinced that Jude has gone forever and will not turn up at the hospital for George's appointment.  If Jude can lie about being a marine biologist and so many other things I wonder if like Andy Carver / Gavin Rodwell he was never Mary's son at all?

There is a touching moment where Roy is able to thank Ali for saving his life with the epi pen following the bee sting.  He refuses to let Ali pay and says he considers it an inadequate gesture of gratitude for doing a job for which Roy is sure Ali rarely gets thanked.  Sadly Roy then says a few words about Jude and his lying which inevitably upsets mary who is behind the door screen.  Mary feels she has sent away her little baby for a second time and moves to Roy for comfort who despite having his hands full of plates he manages to hug and pat her.

Now at the less attractive end of Street events we turn to the Barlows.  Sinead has a "turn" and makes light of it to Daniel but word reaches Ken who knows the truth and to help he has also told Claudia.  Sinead is invited around to tea and this gives Claudia (who by the way has the most marvellous hair - my wife assures me is it not a wig)  the opportunity to provide some words of motherly wisdom to the effect that it is Sinead's decision as to what happens. 

I realise that Sinead and Alma are a long way apart in time and telling different stories but given Sinead's decision so far I think there is only one end to her story.  But maybe things will change next week.  I have no doubt that Tracy will find a solution to Abi's problem without dropping herself in the doo-doo.  Who will Chesney end up with - Gemma or Emma?  And when will the mysterious "E" appear on the Street; if (s)he does who will be cooking in Nottingham?  And will Nick and Leanne be back together?  I reckon Steve will have a very deep suntan when he does get back from his sojourn in the desert.

Next week MsKelstar will be here in this slot.  I hope to be back in two weeks providing the medical bits all go smoothly.


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fairycake said...

I reckon we are supposed to think that "E" is Eva and that Nick has married her. He did have a wedding ring he was seen fiddling with after the last phone call outside of Victoria Court!...X

Laura said...

That was an interesting comment about Jude's propensity for lying and whether he's really Mary's son at all. I don't think any tests were done, were they? That would be so cruel. And really senseless, as it's not like Mary has any money or anything that would induce someone to lie to her about something like that. Although I would be willing to suspend my disbelief if it meant getting rid of Jude's character for good.

Roni said...

I am really enjoying Emma and Chesney together and actually look forward to seeing them on the screen. The first time in a long time that I want to see Chesney in the show. I don't want him with Gemma at all.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

Jude not being Mary's son would be a great chance for the writers to re-set this whole story line and bring in a more interesting, genuinely conflicted character. My guess is that originally, they didn't intend for the son to be on the show long-term so they gave him a perfect life (marine biologist, good parents, nice wife expecting a child etc.) for a feel-good story for Mary. Then when he came on the show full-time his backstory just didn't fit. Now they can get rid of him. Doesn't have to be that he's scamming anyone; it could just be a mistake. Norris and Gemma didn't actually do much verifying of his identity and neither did Mary. Just like Tyrone with his "grandmother" and Liz with her "daughter."

Anonymous said...

Really? Eva? Don't think so. She only left early summer to go to France. That would me she came back from France, found out that Nick had moved to Nottingham, and married him in in the space of a few months. Also she knows who his mum is and would be able to check with any of the Corrie residents to see if Gail was really ill. I never once thought that "E" was Eva


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