Thursday, 25 October 2018

Corrie red carpet pics: Inside Soap Awards 2018

Coronation Street won eight awards at the Inside Soap Awards held on Monday 22nd October.  Here are some of the Coronation Street cast in their best bib and tucker as they made their way along the red carpet to the awards bash.

Find out who won each category at the awards bash here.

Jack P Shepherd (David Platt)
Embed from Getty Images

James Burrows (Ali Neeson)
Embed from Getty Images

Victoria Ekanoye (Angie Appleton)
Embed from Getty Images

Shayne Ward (Aidan Connor)
Embed from Getty Images

Connor McIntyre (Pat Phelan)
Embed from Getty Images

Julia Goulding (Shona Ramsey)
Embed from Getty Images

Coronation Street's Ex-Producer Kate Oates
Embed from Getty Images

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C in Canada said...

Wow I didn't recognize Aiden with the beard!
I suspect it'll be Phelan that wins though...tough act to beat...David'll give him a good run for his money though with the male rape storyline.

C in Canada said...

Oh silly me, I didn't read the article thoroughly, these is after the fact *smacks forehead*.

sbdriver said...

I had to do a double take on the photo of Aiden too! I don't remember seeing him with hair before.

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