Friday, 12 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 October 8.30pm

We’re back at the crash scene. Ali is trying to revive Leanne who is not responding. Obviously this doesn’t please Michelle who seems to believe that Ryan is the only one who deserves medical attention. There’s a wailing from Ronan’s car, Ali goes to investigate and finds that Ronan has a bit of fence post sticking out of his abdomen which will kill him if he pulls it out (almost exactly like Pat Phelan). Ali tries to help and reason with Ronan but soon realises how dangerous he is when he sees the gun in his glove compartment. When Ronan repeats his threats to the Connor family Ali pulls out the fence post, effectively murdering him.

Meanwhile the rest of the Street residents deal with the day’s revelations. Jenny is determined not to believe the gossip about her husband and her barmaid but Johnny can’t keep lying and he comes clean to his devastated wife.

Hannah finds Jim and they drive away together, with the Big Man looking none too happy about it. But does Fakie Katie have Liz’s £10,000? Come on Elizabeth, I know you’ve had a bit of a shock but surely you need to think about giving your bank manager a quick call and stopping a payment?

Having received some coffee and sympathy from Mary, Ken and Abi, Tracy has decided that she will go on her honeymoon after all. A little bit because she’s always fancied Morocco - maybe it’s the kidney getting homesick (brilliant line from Tracy!) But mainly because after dramatic weddings and revenge there's little that Tracy likes more than schadenfreude, and she wants to be the first one to tell Steve the horrible news that his dad is a conman and his sister isn’t his sister.

Over at the hospital Ali is clearly traumatised by what he’s done. His story is that he tried to save Ronan but that the gangster pulled the fence post out himself.  Michelle has a go at him for this, saying he shouldn't have helped Ronan, because obviously she’d much rather have a sociopath for a son than a responsible medical professional.

As Toyah rushes to the hospital to be with Leanne. She finds that someone has beaten her there. Nick is back. He's at Leanne’s bedside and he’s going nowhere!

Well that’s all from me for the week. Kosmo @Kosmo100 will be back next week


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James Knight said...

I knew they were going to do this with Ali.

If they make him the next serial killer. I will be so annoyed. What a waste of a character.

They have really ruined his potential.

I hope they redeem him. Let him show remorse, put him back in the hospital and lets forget about these episodes.

Kate Oates made a big mistake here!

Anonymous said...

I'm also sorry that Ali, a decent hard working character is now ruined in favor of wastrel Ryan simply because his last name is Connor and as Michelle's 'son'has to be protected at all costs.
Gail won't be too happy that her golden boy Nick[why is he back?] visited Leanne first before her!

Anonymous said...

Michelle' s constant screaming was just so awful.

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