Monday, 29 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 29 Oct


DANIEL GETS THE WORST POSSIBLE NEWS When Sinead passes out in the ladies at work she’s rushed to hospital. Seeing the ambulance Ken insists he’ll go with her. Whilst Sinead undergoes tests, Daniel becomes aware there’s something seriously wrong. Steeling himself Ken breaks the news that Sinead has cervical cancer.
STEVE’S DAY GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE An angry Steve arrives home explaining how Tracy left him in the desert and stole his wallet and passport, Amy’s appalled. Knowing they’ve let Amy down again, Steve begs Tracy to give their marriage a chance, will she agree?  Steve and Liz fall out over his lack of sympathy regarding Hannah. Abi confides in Tracy that she doubts she’ll ever get the twins back now she’s lost her job. Guilty, Tracy vows to help.
SAVVY SHONA HAS SUSPICIONS ABOUT NICK Nick arranges a family meal at the bistro but when he announces that he’s spoken to his business partner in Nottingham and can stay as long as he likes, Shona’s suspicious.
ELSEWHERE Audrey rails at Ken for cashing in on her private life. Ken assures her he won’t write any further stories about her character. Abi apologises to Kevin for kicking off and assures him she’s innocent but Kevin remains sceptical.

THE BARLOWS FACE AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE Daniel’s devastation turns to fury as he realises Ken has kept Sinead’s illness from him. Daniel’s further horrified when Sinead reveals she’s refused treatment as it would mean losing their baby. Beside himself, Daniel implores Sinead to do whatever it takes to increase her chances of survival but she’s adamant that their baby’s life comes first. Back at home an emotional Daniel is intent on venting his rage at Ken but Peter stops him, explaining that while Ken has many faults he can’t be blamed for Sinead’s cancer and for respecting her wishes. Peter implores Daniel to be the better man and stand by Sinead despite their differences. Ken thanks Peter for talking some sense into Daniel, promising he intends to make up for his past mistakes. In hospital Daniel cuddles up to Sinead, assuring her that he’ll always love her and will never leave her.

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