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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 Oct

MICHELLE MAKES A SHOCKING DISCOVERY Robert is suspicious of Ali’s behaviour.The police question Michelle about the accident and she is shocked when they tell her Ronan had a gun in his car.
PETER’S FINALLY HAD ENOUGH Peter reaches the end of his tether with Vicky goading Sinead and bans the use of all mobile phones in the factory. When Sinead answers her phone because the hospital are ringing about collecting her biopsy results Vicky reports her to Peter and tries to grab her phone. A fight ensues and Peter suspends both women for a week. Meanwhile Daniel confides in Ken that he’s been offered a place on a Masters course but feels the time is not right with the pregnancy.
NICK GIVES OUT MIXED MESSAGES When Gail reveals that David did a stint in prison for beating up Gary, Nick’s shocked. Sarah points out that if he hadn’t turned his back on his family he would know these things. Nick feels suitably guilty. Nick calls to see Leanne and tells her how sorry he is for the way he let her down and how he wants to make it up to her.
ELSEWHERE A guilty Johnny makes Jenny breakfast in bed.

ALI AND MICHELLE FIND COMMON GROUND Michelle returns home to find Ali with his bags packed. Will he leave?
SINEAD IS IN A STATE OF SUSPENSION Peter insists to Daniel he had no choice but to suspend Sinead. Sinead tells Daniel he must accept his place on the Masters course.
DAVID PUTS NICK IN HIS PLACE Nick makes it clear to Leanne that he wants her back. Will she agree? David lets slip that he considered taking his own life, Nick is horrified but David makes it clear he won’t discuss it and wants nothing more to do with Nick. Simon tells Nick about falling in with Tyler’s gang and getting into trouble. Carla is shocked to see Nick getting into his car.
ELSEWHERE When Peter reveals that he’s suspended Vicky, Simon’s horrified, fearing that Tyler will make his life hell. Fiz and Izzy make it clear to Peter that if Vicky returns to work, they’ll walk out. Peter’s at the end of his tether.

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CK said...

So why was Michelle driving to see Robert? What was he going to do, bore Ronan to death? Shouldn't she have driven to a police station? And who was driving Leanne and did they just disappear and not try to help? Maybe Michelle's shrieking scared them away. I cannot stand her.

Anonymous said...

Christine, like I you, I cannot stand Michelle. Really wish both her and boring Robert would leave.

M in Toronto said...

Like Robert...can’t stand Michelle!!!

Shells said...

Michelle was picking up Robert so they could all make a run for it and go into hiding. She didn't know Ronan was following her until they had their super dangerous low speed chase (ending in Ronan experiencing his slo mo impalement). Yeah, it's dumb logic, so it is (thanks Big Jim).

Does Nick not have a mobile? They're telling me that Gail wouldn't text or email Nick that David went to jail? That she wasn't updating Nick the whole time? That makes no sense.

Shells said...

They want me to believe that Gail didn't even text Nick to tell him that Lewis is back??!! Talk some sense into your Gran?!! No way! :-D

coconno196 said...

Agree. Nick left because of the situation with Leanne/ Steve/ Oliver. He didn't fall out with his family, so would have kept in touch. Interesting that they chose not to text or email important news, yet everyone in the street seems to have everyone else's mobile number, whether friends or not!

I also don't know how Leanne got there, or even why! (Except to put her in hospital so that Nick would come back...)

Laura said...

Nick's fallout with his family doesn't make sense, unless it's revealed that they reached out to him and he just ignored them. It would have been typical of Nick's style for him to have done that and justify it by saying he "needed space", so I'm not sure why the writers didn't frame it that way to make more sense of this animosity toward him.

Also, I don't recall anyone giving Sarah this much grief for missing things while she was in Milan. And her giving anyone a guilt trip about not being there for a family member is laughable after her involvement with Calum.

Anonymous said...

Gail announced she left loads of voice mails on Nick's phone, but he never got back to her

Laura said...

Oh, ok :)

Shells said...

Nick wouldn't respond to a voicemail that David is in jail, or Lewis is back?

This is hard to believe. :-)


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