Monday, 22 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 22 Oct

JUDE PUTS MARY IN AN IMPOSSIBLE POSITION An excited Jude comes off the phone and reveals to a delighted Mary and Angie that he has got an interview for a place on the paramedics course. Yasmeen is surprised revealing he fainted at the first sight of blood on her first aid course. Roy however is supportive and promises Jude a cheque for £5k to help fund the course. Mary answers a call from the university on Jude’s phone and discovers he walked out of the exam and has been lying to them all again. What will she do?
SINEAD IS FEELING THE PRESSURE Ken puts pressure on Sinead to tell Daniel the truth. Daniel calls in the cafe to find Sinead in tears and demands to know what Ken has done to upset her.
AUDREY GETS A SHOCK As Brian compliments Ken on his first published short story, Ken graciously points out that it’s all thanks to Claudia and her salacious tales of yesteryear. Claudia preens. As Lewis reads Ken’s story aloud in the salon, Audrey becomes upset and grabbing the Gazette, chucks it in the bin. Lewis is taken aback.
ELSEWHERE Jack is upset at being made to feel different at the after school club when Gary’s mate Greg arrives. Cathy takes an instant dislike to Brian’s boss Phil.

MARY TAKES IT ON THE CHIN A journalist from the Good Samaritan Awards comes to the cafe to interview Jude and Roy. Mary discovers the £5k cheque from Roy and tackles Jude in private saying that she is going to tell Roy and Angie the truth. How will Jude react?
JACK’S TALKED ROUND Kevin calls at the holiday club and finding Jack upset, takes him home. Phil makes it clear he’s unimpressed with Brian’s handling of the situation leaving Brian feeling a bit of a failure. Greg calls at No.13 and chats to Jack about his prosthetic and how much he’s been able to achieve. Jack’s impressed whilst Kevin’s grateful to Greg.
AUDREY IS ON THE WARPATH Ken is shocked when a furious Audrey reveals that she is the subject of his salacious tales from the past. Ken reveals that Claudia was the source of his information but he had no idea she was talking about Audrey. Audrey turns her fury on Claudia.
ELSEWHERE Unable to carry the burden any longer, Ken confides in Claudia that Sinead has cervical cancer but refuses to tell Daniel. Claudia’s devastated for him.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I too would confide in Claudia as she is so very good at keeping confidences.

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