Tuesday, 23 October 2018

William Roache interview: Corrie's four-hander Barlow episode

Ken’s been struggling with Sinead’s secret for weeks, on top of that he has Tracy and Steve back from honeymooon not on great terms, how is Ken coping?
There’s no let up for Ken with the dysfunctional family that he’s got! Everyone of them is flawed but that is why there are so many great stories to tell.

Why didn’t Ken tell Daniel about Sinead’s cancer diagnosis when he first heard?
He desperately wanted to tell Daniel but Sinead begged him not to, saying it was her baby, her body, her life. If he was a less honourable man he would have just gone ahead and told Daniel, because that’s what all his instincts were screaming at him to do, but as is often in life you get punished for doing the right thing. Ken thinks he’s done the honourable thing but this is going to completely shatter his relationship with Daniel. 

How has Ken felt watching the couple over the last few weeks?
It’s been heartbreaking for Ken watching them. Ken’s loyalties have been totally torn, all his instincts are saying to tell Daniel but then he also wanted to honour Sinead’s feelings.

How does Daniel react when Ken finally breaks the news to him at the hospital? 
When Daniel does find out Ken gets the full blast of all the pent up resentment that Daniel has lurking because he was an absent father. We then have a four-hander episode (Ken, Daniel, Sinead, Peter) full of recriminations in the Barlows. It’s a great episode, drawing on their history and bringing all those things together. One of the things I love in Coronation Street is how it draws on its own history, in this case the history of Ken being a bad father.

Do you think Ken and Daniel’s relationship can recover after this?
Hopefully they can come round from this and all those old resentments can be ironed out so they can have a good and proper relationship.

Do you enjoy working in the Barlows?
I love it when we’re working in the Barlows, I’m very fond of them all in real life, I’m really enjoying having a full house again. A few years ago there was just Ken, Tracy and Amy. Now there’s Tracy, Amy, Daniel, Adam, Peter, Simon, Steve and Sinead as well, there are so many stories to tell.

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Laura said...

If Ken can get over Daniel almost killing him, surely Daniel can get over this.

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