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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th of Oct 8.30pm

As promised, here is my second episode review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

You could argue that confessions have been slightly superfluous on the street, over this past week. As the latest secret surfaces, will Ali stick around now the truth is out?.

Leanne and Nick's newest reconciliation is just as traumatic. Thrown out of the hospital by Leanne, Nick heads over to see David. Seeking more information from his absence, is Nicks return going to cause more confessions?. 

Simon learns about Sinead's suspension at the factory (including Tyler's Mum), the same time as Daniel, and both are equally perturbed.

Peters position at the factory remains as ever, on wobbly foundations.

At the Rovers, Rita requests a 'packet of common sense' alongside her double G&T, upon seeing Johnny and Liz happily behind the bar.

Is Jenny REALLY that forgiving, or she is playing the long game?. Also at the overs, Daniel tells Sinead his university news.

Rescuing Ali from running away, Michelle and her son head back to the flat. With his Mum keeping the truth from the police, can Ali contain his guilt?.

A comforting hug seems to secure this reconciliation. However, out on the street, Carla spies Nick.
I can't see that past pairing wanting to reconcile, at all!

In other news- Simon confides in Nick, and Ryan wakes from his coma.

Anyway, that's me for another week.  I hope you've enjoyed my mid-week paean to the drama of Coronation Street.

I'm @rybazoxo  - your self-styled 'Cobbles Connoisseur'.

Join me next time, for more Wednesday Weatherfield Wisdom!.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Jenny is playing it just as I hoped. With quiet dignity which probably terrifies her husband, more used to Connor catfights. In real life, of course, Liz would have left the Rovers but the writers have kept her there to create tension. I know Daniel and Sinead have a meaty storyline planned for them but, sorry, I still find them boring.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with your last comment Humpty. I love Sinead and Daniel together. I feel they're "normal". Which is why I feel people don't like them. I hope this storyline has a positive ending and they both get the relative happiness they deserve xx

Gilles27 said...

Michelle's initial reaction to Ali's confession was incredible. Why would she even consider telling the police the truth? As Ali pointed out, she asked him to lie to the police for Ryan and she also robbed the Bistro, so she can’t really claim to have any morals. Her whining and crying is completely tiresome.

Anonymous said...

I wish Johnny had given Liz the sack. How he could even look at her rather than Jenny is beyond me. Wizzened old crone!

Jo said...

Am i right in saying that 'Connor'nation street is getting a tad tedious lately?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I was pretty amused by Michelle's impulse to run to the police as well, not to mention her sudden sanctimony and scruples...and all after her long rant to Ali denouncing him for wanting to help Ronan! But, of course, that's how Coronation Street world works and why we love it. The millions of time you SHOULD and would contact the police, you don't. And the one time you shouldn't--that you would be fully justified in keeping quiet, not lying or tampering with evidence, just keeping quiet--that one time you suddenly become hellbound on notifying the police and hustle down to the cop shop posthaste!

But it's a good example of something totally out of character, and it was out of character for Michelle, being added purely for dramatic effect and to stretch out the show to its half hour conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I don't know about others, but I'm finding the Ali-Ryan-Michelle story quite entertaining--apart from its preposterous (drug kingpin) launch pad. I'm watching with a fascinated horror as poor Ali becomes the next well-educated professional with a good job to fall victim to the notorious Corrie street curse. I'm sure he will be seeking a few shifts behind the bar at Rovers, or helping Roy in the cafe in 6 months time!

And all the shenanigans with Michelle give you a good idea why smart people like Ali succumb to this strange curse...They are plunged into a bizarre and unsettling world where everything they do gives rise to out of control drama and shrieking. If they act like a normal responsible intelligent person would--eg. call the police, tell Ryan to face his responsibilities, try to detach themselves from insane antics, try to help all victims of a crash scene...If they do this, they are screeched at and denounced. But then if they try to act by the mores of this weird world--eg. pulling the stake out of Ronan--they are also screeched at and denounced. No wonder their character fractures wide open under the strain.

And Michelle in her controlling all-powerful Mother Goddess routine was pretty unnerving. Watching her break open Ali's character over the last month or so has been similar to watching Phelan's psychological torture of Andy--though slightly more sophisticated. She plays these mind games with him, constantly testing, pushing, and rejecting him, and sending him a series of widely contradictory messages. The final psychological torture comes when she inexplicably sets off to the police station, leaving her son in agony behind her. Then when the poor guy finally breaks--after having resisted her psychological manipulations for months--she folds the crying, now broken child into her arms and promises to protect him! Pretty scary stuff, lol.

CK said...

And when the drug dealer Ryan name-dropped to Ronan was killed, Michelle was like...thats not your fault it kinda was. What about his family? If it doesn't affect her, Michelle could care less.

Oh and after Nick left, didn't he leave Leanne and Oliver 20,000£ that she promptly lost to a con man?

Finally, I guess Eva is on the dark side of the moon with Stella and Andy eho can't get back to the street despite their families falling apart?

Anonymous said...

Michelle didn't "inexplicably set off" to the police station. She had an appointment to go there at 2.30 to make a statement

Shells said...

I forgot about the $$$ that Nick gave to Leanne. I love the Leanne character, but she's one who twists the truth. He left after she lied and co-opted him into her lie and then backtracked on him. It was a mess - of course he left. And he left her money. I don't know why they are writing Nick as the bad guy who has to apologize to everyone. Boundaries much?

Bev said...

I won’t see any of this for a couple of weeks because I’m in Canada, but can’t stop myself from the odd spoiler. It’s wedding day supposedly for Tracy and Steve here and I’m finding it tedious that there can never be a wedding that ends happily.
I want Sinead to tell Daniel about the cancer. It’s not fair to either of them.
I am not pleased to learn that Nick is returning, and I cannot bear Leanne, especially when she’s in a snit, which is often.
I love Corrie and have watched faithfully for decades. I find a lot of the story lines far fetched now and getting to be more like an American soap.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bev, but what's a snit? I thought it was a typo for something else. Not a word this Mancunian has heard before

sbdriver said...

"in a snit" is a pretty common term in Canada. It means someone is agitated, ticked off, or annoyed about something. "Having a hissy fit" is the same sort of term.


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