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Coronation Street Episode Review, Friday 19 October 2018

Ronan's death continues to trouble the police and Ali.  DS MacKinnon is back and wants to know who and how Websters serviced Michelle's car.  Kevin has little choice but to reveal that Abi was the competent mechanic involved.  Abi really needs the police on her case at the moment.  (Off beat thought - if Abi and Ali got together what would we call them?).  Meanwhile Ali panics every time a police car appears in Weatherfield - anyone would think he had killed someone.  And of course the secret cannot be kept - Michelle has told Robert and would probably tell Carla if she could.  As far as I know Ryan remains out of it and does not know either.

Angie left Jude about 2 weeks ago and is now indulging in on line dating, in her local dahl spot whilst Jude is minding George.  Whilst the date seemed to go well she sneaks a look at his mobile phone and makes the unwelcome discovery that he has little respect for the myriad of women he is dating giving them nicknames to be able to tell them apart.  Jude hears her telling the date that she has wasted enough of her life on one meaningless husband and does not plan to make any more mistakes.  Mary gets the family together in the Bistro to celebrate Jude being selected for consideration for the Good Samaritan award (that time of year again) for "saving" Roy's life.  We can expect Ali to go into meltdown when he hears this news.  For a moment Angie almost remembers what she saw in the marine biologist compulsive liar she married.

Next week is half term week.  So on Friday Cathy is trying to organise a week away with Brian - Ibiza or Wales?  Not in this household - our holidays are booked through to November 2019.  Anyway Brian cannot go - as the new boy he got suckered into running the half term club so all the other teachers could have it large in Ibiza.

Vicky Tyler is being as awkward as we might expect of Tyler's mum but thanks to a casual mention by Sarah to Peter the latter has found her a new job at Natty's Knicks and so she has no reason to make Simon's life difficult and it swerves the impending strike at Underworld if she had been re-instated following the fight with Sinead.  I will be disappointed if this is the last we see of this lady.  Perhaps Sarah could stop being a barmaid and Jenny can recruit her?

Kevin and Jack are slowly adjusting to the latter's loss and we see Jack crack a joke about it.  More importantly one of Gary's friends from the Army (did you know he served in the Army, he rarely mentions it according to Ty) is an expert on recovering from losing limbs and using prosthetics in the sporting world and perhaps he could get him to come and talk to Jack.  A far better idea than Tommy Orpington would be my view!

Current hospitalised count is still three: Leanne (I think), Amy and Ryan so there is money to be made out of a charabanc outing from the Street to Weathy General at the moment.  Amy is worst off as her parents have gone on holiday without a second thought, so Ken has to visit her.

However the main story rushing past us concerns the suspended Sinead who is able to attend the clinic to be told that it is cancer and there are two possible treatments but she gets upset so she does not get to hear the outcome probabilities or even make a proper decision (I suspect we lose either baby or Sinead or both in this story).  She has sacrificed one baby because of Ken so when he sees her crying in the hospital corridor he follows her back to the flat and finds the many leaflets concerning cervical cancer she has put down on the table (and what if Daniel had walked in?).  He works out how ill Sinead is (plus the complications) and says he has to tell Daniel but Sinead talks him out of it for now.  The Barlow family gather at the Bistro where Ken is like a tropical rainstorm on proceedings which are ostensibly to celebrate Ken getting a story published and Daniel being accepted on the MA course; to which Peter adds the news that Sinead can return to work and that Vicky has gone.  Daniel senses something is wrong with Ken but the latter will not give away Sinead's secret.  However Ken later makes it clear to Sinead that one of them has to tell Daniel soon.

To enable me to visit hospital in a couple of weeks' time I will be here next week in this spot.

Writers: Susan Oudot and Ian Kershaw
Director: Duncan Foster


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Catsmom said...

The "arrivals/departures" page doesn't list the actress who plays Sinead so I'm assuming she is OK.

Catsmom said...

But then again, I don't see the Departures list at all!

fairycake said...

OFFBEAT RESPONSE...'Abli' or 'Albi'...X

Anonymous said...

How about AliBi?

Anonymous said...

Fed up of all this putting two names together to make one. Please stop!!!

Anonymous said...

How about Bili, pronounced Beelee.

Abercrombie said...

I agree, Anon, it is irritating.

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