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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Corrie Comicals, week ending 12 October 2018

Climb aboard.  It is Car Crash Week on the Street so stand by for some fun moments surrounding the mayhem happening elsewhere.

On Monday the main event was the Wedding and Tracy was in overdrive with Emma (when did she become a qualified stylist?) offering to put in some ringlets only to get this ringing response from the once and future Mrs McD (above).  "Right I wanna look sexy, not like Alice in flippin' Wonderland."  Emma then tells her about a bride who wanted to be Alice and had seven bridesmaids as the dwarves, which means the bride was probably Snow White!

I wonder if the lack of head ever gets resolved?  Or is it a prediction of the situation once the secret Steve and Leanne are keeping emerges into the light of day?

This little comment has been preceded by firstly Steve shimmying around the room (twice) with an impressive hip swivel to end the dance move that he has been working on with Abi - but not sleeping with Abi which is what Beth had concluded after seeing them together on the Street.

Tracy has been harping on about Leanne's refusal to allow Oliver to wear the kilt suit and decides, as she approaches the celebrant on Jim's arm, to hiss a warning at Leanne (in fairly graphic words as you can see above); the latter is feeling a little sensitive over the recent bunk up with Steve and Tracy is simply sowing the seeds which will lead to the inevitable disclosure of those events.

Wednesday felt like we were half in a film - "Two Weddings and a Funeral" - although it was still Monday on the Street.  Interestingly both episodes tonight had the same writer.

There were two ladies in bright red tonight - here is "Baby" Leanne who got put in a corner (or broom cupboard).  Remember no-one puts Baby in the Corner!  Across the room Steve and Tracy are doing their dance - but instead of the much touted lift Tracy takes a run at Steve and thumps him in the face  - he realises she knows!  The other lady in red was Jenny who was told by Hannah about Johnny's interactions with Liz as Johnny had not given into blackmail.  Poor Jenny dissolved as the acid spewed out of Hannah's mouth.

Tracy recounted Leanne's history with men to the entire wedding party (which was full of extras by the way) before having the wedding cake thrust in her face!  "Baby" Leanne emerges and the cake (I did note that the groom had a head before this shot) is demolished as she and Tracy indulge in a food fight! 

Far more uplifting (well Steve never managed the lift) was the Daniel and Sinead "marriage".  Kirk was officiating and commenced with the speech Billy had sent to help - which was quite clearly Billy's safeguarding speech to school children about "stranger danger".  Kirk then came up with a quite marvellous piece on real love.  Worth seeing.

At the reception at the Bistro Ken (who has done little real parenting as his children were all elsewhere) gets a long text from Adam about the cat cake fight and knows that Tracy will be emotional when she returns home, which leads him to the observation above.  Semi drunk Tracy latter both shouting at Mary and then telling her she loves her was pretty amusing too!

Princess Leia be aware your stand in for stunts is Gemma Winter (at least with that hair do).  She is open mouthed because Jenny is telling her about events at the wedding. Jenny is however trying not to let on about Johnny straying with Liz.

We have been thinking it since Steve revealed the destination for the honeymoon.  And now Tracy agrees with us; for newcomers Tracy's kidney came from Deirdre's husband Samir Rachid a Moroccan she met whilst on holiday in about 1994 who died following a beating by some thugs.  Tracy gets nearly all the prizes this week!

Extras at Work.  There were quite a few at the wedding this week.  One was particularly keen to be been, moving into shot at the key second:

Which wraps up the less serious events on the Street this week.

Thanks to the creative team led by:
Writers: Jayne Hollinson & Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Monday), Joe Turner (Wednesday), Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directors: Peter Rose (Monday & Wednesday), Tim O'Mara (Friday)

See you next week.


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Unknown said...

Great post, but you guys forgot to mention the most hilarious scene, Tracey’s impersonation of Sineads voice in the bistro!! Xx

Tashacat said...

You just beat me to,it, Charlene! It was a wicked impersonation!

Anonymous said...

The irony of a convicted murderer shaming a former prostitute! In some countries prostitution is legal but nowhere is murder legal.


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