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Corrie Comicals week ending 26 October 2018

There are a lot of complaints about the darker side of the Street and I started these postings to try and offset some of that negativity, but I really do wonder if someone is losing the plot when discussing the school holiday club and Cathy decides to talk about a university experiment involving cattle prods.  (I always believed the students did it to upset the observers so overplayed the roles deliberately to cause upset - if you have no idea what Cathy & I am talking about:

Mary is now aware that just about everything that issues from Jude 's mouth is a lie and is keen on playing down the "saving of Roy's life" for which Roy nominated Jude for the "Weatherfield Good Samaritan" awards.  A fact-investigator Camilla Seekings (odd name?) is seeking more details of Jude's actions and perhaps having no concern for his personal safety leads to Mary's petulant comment on the risks involved we see above.  Is lying Jude's only failure or is he also a conman and a violent abusive person?

David is of course referring to his beloved brother "Saint" Nick who can do nothing wrong as far as Gail is concerned.  David will inevitably make it up with Nick sooner or later.  Given it is Wednesday I don't understand why David is not at work and why is he watching a programme about our top fashionistas leaving the country for Italy?

Excellent performances this evening from these two.  First up Emma (Alexandra Mardell) is making it so obvious that she fancies Chesney and seems to light up any scene in which she is involved (so keeps appearing here).  Chesney gets a lot of bad press - but as he says compared with Henry and Spike he is normal (which does not play well in a soap) and of course his head is full of Gemma; Emma's face falls completely as Chesney keeps on and on about Gemma.  Chesney (Sam Aston) studiously does not look at Emma during this scene who is emoting all the signs of being attracted to him and obviously just wants to rip his clothes off him (and would like him to rip her clothes off too).  But then most men can't see such signs either.  There was also a lovely comment from Spike the tattooist who offered to put Emma's name on Chesney and if Chesney later went out with Gemma, the extra G could soon be added!

Spike stayed over the Gemma and next morning Rita was cooking some bangers but this sight put Rita right off her chipolatas and she asked if Spike could add to his clothing!

In the Bistro Emma is giving Chesney lessons on how to look after the woman in his life (and taking the benefits in the meantime).  Leanne really knows how to chat up men.  Look at this killer line - it covers being tired with a young child and the work involved.  Nick falls for it and before long they are sharing a brew in the flat.  Can it be long before these two are once again back together?

Extras at Work 

In Wednesday at Speed Daal (I think I called it Dahl last week)  the Good Samaritan Award eventually went to Margaret Wilson who had volunteered at the Ladybird Children's Hospital for 15 years and spent much of the episode clearly enjoying herself!  She only received the prize when Jude realised the game was up.

For medical reasons I will not be here next week.  Providing all goes well I should then be back the following week.

Writers: Julie Jones & Mark Wadlow (Monday), Simon Crowther (Wednesday), Cameron McAllister & Alasdair Morrison (Friday)
Directors: Michael Lacey (Monday & Wednesday), Mickey Jones (Friday)


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I hope all goes well and you're right as rain next week.

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