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Saturday 25 November 2017

Corrie weekly update - Doppelganger, Bailiffs and a Cinderella shoe

There were some good comedy moments this week, the first being Norris and Colin dressing alike in the Kabin. I liked this a lot until I remembered it’d been done before when Horace worked with Norris and they wore the same clothes, said the same words, drank their tea the same way. And in the same way, Colin and Norris turned up in matching tank tops and ties. Colin reckoned Norris might be his dad and so with a palaver over Norris’ blood test at the medical centre, his DNA is taken but it turns out Norris hasn’t fathered a son. However, there is some good news in all of this. The stolen blood test gets Moira sacked and she swans off to Stoke with Colin, the two of them gone forever, I do hope.

The second comedy moment was wonderful, classic Corrie, the likes of which we’re seeing far too little right now. Sally is in full mayoral mode giving her inaugural speech at a soiree in her sitting room just as the bailiffs arrive to take payment for Gina’s debt. Sally chucks Gina out and she moves in with Dev, sets herself up on the sewing machine and pimps up charity shop clothes for the market. Dev finds out about Gina’s bipolar condition when he reads the headlines in the Weatherfield Gazette. And after threatening to chuck her out too, he then allows Gina to stay. Not only that, but he pays off her debt to Sally tpp, although she doesn’t yet know. What a guy.

Kate’s distracted while driving the bistro car (bistro car?) down the cobbles as her phone rings on the seat beside her. She turns to look at it, sees it’s from Rana and then she smashes into Robert in the middle of the road. He’d ran onto the road to save Joseph from being crushed under Kate’s wheels.  Robert’s in hospital and gets stitches in his back so we’re treated to Yet Another Hospital Scene. What joy.  However, while in hospital Michelle urges him to get the lump in his testicle checked out and lo and behold, the urologist is called, Robert gets checked and diagnosed within minutes. Minutes. The testicle needs to be removed but Robert deals with the news in the only way he knows how. He takes to the casino and gambles, losing ten thousand pounds from the Bistro account.

One other good thing I enjoyed this week was Tracy acting as advisor of evil to Chesney, telling him how to get revenge on Daniel for flirting with Sinead. To see Chesney turning to the dark side is fun, because you know it can’t last, and to see Tracy acting evil by proxy is fun too. More of this sort of thing, please.

Gemma goes to a party that she’s found details of online and she rocks up in her best party outfit. She flirts with a guy called Newt in the really posh house where the party is held. But when she hears police sirens outside she flees, leaving her shoe behind. Newt holds the shoe, will he find Gemma? Well, next week we’ll see him on the hunt for her – and Newt is not just any old guy. He’s Henry Newton of the brewery family. Ooh, this could be fun.

Speaking of Gemma, she and Rita move back into Rita’s flat this week after the dreadful Colin moves out. Rita and Norris take over the Kabin again and back where they rightfully belong.

Elsewhere this week, Phelan pays back his Calcutta flats scam victims almost all of the money they’re owed. But where’s the money come from? Todd’s asking questions when he spots Vinny’s bag as the bag that held the cash. Is Todd onto Phelan now?  Anna tries to negotiate with Phelan and demands to know why he’s framing her. He won’t answer her question and denies that he did this. Anna’s trying to record his words on her phone, but sadly doesn’t get the confession she need. After Phelan poisons Seb further against Anna, she gets taken away by the cops for the attack on Seb.

In the Rovers there was a lovely scene when Angie and Mary finally put aside their differences after Mary finds out from Sally that Angie’s suffering post-natal depression. But the way in which Sally found this out was frustrating and wrong. She overheard Angie’s husband tell receptionist Sean at the medical centre, when Sean asked to know why Jude wanted to make an appointment. That’s never asked, is it? Certainly not at any GP surgery I’ve ever been to. And certainly not in front of a waiting room of people.

And finally, this week in the Streetcars office, Peter logs onto a dating website to show Steve a 3D image of his perfect partner. It’s an image of Tracy, and Steve, as you can imagine, is not best pleased.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm glad to read that Colin and Moira have gone. I switched off after five minutes of the second episode. The first episode was full of stupid things: Sean, the medical receptionist, asking Jude whether he'd come in about Norris's blood test, Sally overhearing the conversation and getting involved, Sally informing Mary that she was doing her best for Angie. My disbelief was so highly suspended it was in danger of snapping. This is the street where everybody knows everyone else's business yet Phelan can get away with whatever he likes.

Anonymous said...

I'm also relieved that Colin and Moira are gone and agree with Humpty Dumpty's comments about Sean,he's no better than Liz gossiping about patients and breaking confidently.
I am disappointed that there wasn't a police man around to arrest Kate Connor for distracted driving after she hit Robert because she was looking at a message from Rana on her phone rather than the road.
I wondered what would have happened had Kate hit either Joseph or Jake,tell their families 'Oops sorry I was on the phone with my girlfriend'?!
If there is no follow up,the writers are sending a dangerous message that distracted driving is not a serious crime.

Deedee said...

Wish there were more fun sketches like
That one would not of given up watching every week.instead there are long drawn out stupid crime horror stories that are pathetic boring corrie used to have great sketches with brilliant actors such as Jean Alexanda which would make you laugh and cry.

Deedee said...

Wish there were more fun sketches like
That one would not of given up watching every week.instead there are long drawn out stupid crime horror stories that are pathetic boring corrie used to have great sketches with brilliant actors such as Jean Alexanda which would make you laugh and cry.

Louby said...

Agree Humpty. I can't remember when I EVER enjoyed episodes less than these two.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can. Quite easily. The Caz stalking Maria episodes, any of the Bethany grooming episodes and anything with Jim McDonald in

Rapunzel said...

Robert gambling away the Bistro. *yawn*. Carla did the whole self-annihilation-wastral-gambling-lose-it-all thing way better (and not even that long ago).

And I find it hard to get excited about a fictional self-sabotaging storyline when I find myself getting so angry about the real life self-sabotaging story that is Bruno Langley.

It took me a long time to warm to Todd but in the past few months he has grown into one of my favourite characters (I think it was the Tracy friendship that started it). He now owns most scenes he is in. I’m not going to comment on what Bruno did or didn’t do and I’m not even judging those who decided to fire him (it was their decision and they have more information than me). But I simply have to say this: what an utter UTTER waste.

Tashacat said...

Completely agree, Rapunzel.

Karen said...

Colin and Moira deserve each other.
As for the doctor office scene, my GP secretary is BAD for asking why one wants an appointment, and because she always has a head set on, she is LOUD. grrr

Boris the spider said...

Totally agree Rapunzel. I am really dreading Todd leaving.

Canadian watcher said...

I stopped watching a while back and have been monitoring this site instead. I may have to change my handle to 'Canadian Reader'. Many thanks to you, Flaming Nora, for suffering through all the episodes to provide us with updates!


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