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Monday 20 November 2017

Forget #Kana... why we've joined #TeamZeedan

All this love for Kate and Rana (aka #Kana on Twitter) is all well and good for two women who find happiness with each other.

But let's not forget it's still infidelity, whatever the gender or religion of those involved. OK, so they haven't slept together (yet?) but Rana has opened her heart to Kate about being torn between her husband and her friend. Poor Zeedan knows nothing, so it's already clear to me where Rana's loyalties lie and it's not with the bloke at the Bistro.

Zeedan is the one whose heart is going to break when he finds out his wife Rana is a snivelling, lying, cheat. Zeedan's the one who's going to need the love and support of his family in the form of sister Alya and grandmother Yasmeen. And here's where, I hope, that the Nazir family can rally round, pull together and really show us what they're made of, Yasmeen especially.

All Zeedan wants is to be is a good husband and father. He's a good worker at the Bistro and the speed-dahl enterprise still, er, exists somewhere, doesn't it?

But he'll find out that all his hopes and dreams have come to naught when he finds out - as he surely must - about Rana kissing Kate. What more happens between #Kana remains to be seen. But for Zeedan, for now, the future looks bleak.

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Think Outside the Box said...

I too like the character of Zeedan while I have never exactly warmed to Rana. Let's face it, a cheat is a cheat regardless of sex. What I would like to see is Zeedan fighting for Rana and winning her, only to realize that he doesn't need her. It'd be interesting if he had a relationship with a non muslim woman...we've seen this twice (Lee and Kal & Gary and Alya) but it didn't explore the repercussions and conflict one might have especially in the global community we live in. I also would have liked to see Zee to have been offered a partnership with Robert instead of Michelle. That would have been interesting.

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for Zeedan. He deserves so much better. I have never been a fan of Rana or Kate, so would not miss either one if they rode off into the sunset together.

Anonymous said...

Zeedan and Rosie

Laura said...

I've said before that Zeedan and Eva might make a good couple, and I still wonder about that. She would be the type to reach out to him in empathy, understanding what he's going through, and he might like her cheerful, upbeat personality for a change.

The only thing is, I think the storylines that would result from her being with Adam would be more interesting. I like Zeedan, but I just don't find his character compelling. I'd be afraid he would weigh Eva down. I'd like to see more of his interaction with Simon, that was interesting when it was being developed.

abbyk said...

Zeedan was in a state of change (going from scruffy do nothing to apprentice chef) when he got married. Maybe, in spite of the pretty girl turning his head, he really wasn’t ready, and neither was she. I don’t take Zeedan to be a zealot but his faith is very important to him. Unless his character grows and changes more, I don’t see him ever cheating, or having a long term relationship/marriage with a non-Muslim. I really don’t know much about Islam and wonder if he divorced Rana, what would happen with her if they remained neighbors, how would their relationship change. He def needs friends and a life outside of work and family. As Laura said, that relationship with almost stepbrother Simon was good, and one that would benefit both of them. Maybe Si could have a weekend job working SpeedDal with him. Daniel and David also need pals outside of family and girlfriends; maybe build some friendships there, too.

As one whose head is not turned by a pretty girl, I’ve never seen much point in Rana, except that she always seems to do a good job when there’s an accident (but the lovely Doctor Whatshername could fill that role). Never had any use for Kate, even less now as she seems to be part of Zeedans imminent heart break. And I don’t buy their out of the blue ‘I’m not a lesbian but I love you/I don’t date straights but I love you too’ relationship. Maria and Marcus made more sense. It only works for me, so far, as an exit story. Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

I quite like the Rana-Kate pairing. I hope they end up together. Zeedan is a good character, but he needs room for growth. With Todd's imminent exit and the waning of the Grimshaw clan, the Nazir's seem poised to claim a bigger presence on the Street.


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