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Monday 27 November 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th November

Anna's in prison, where she oughtn't to be and Billy is a free man, but should be in chokey. Billy is feeling the protestant guilt and gets drunk in the pub. In the meantime, Todd, having employed a PI to look into Billy's crime, finds out that it was Susan Barlow who died as a result of Billy's TWOCing, but he lies to his boyf, saying that there were no fatalities, it was a simple RTA. But Todd's jumpiness around Daniel's innocent questioning leads Billy to suspect that Todd is lying and the Toddster admits everything to him, to Billy's considerable distress.

Seb is once again convinced that Anna pushed him off the ladder, which Fay(e) believes, to Gary's disgust. Anna doesn't hire Adam to advocate for her, and the duty solicitor's arguments aren't enough to get her out on bail. To make things worse, Seb then moves out of Sally's and into the Grimshaw-Phelan residence and Faye tries to go with him.

Jude, Angie and lickle George are also on the move, and Mother Mary gets to babysit as they go  house hunting. George is an excellent ventriloquist, throwing his voice (wail) whilst looking perfectly content in a daisy crown at the florist's. But when Mary hands the baby back to his parents, he is once again sick and is taken to hospital and Jude won't let Mary visit him. Mary wonders if it's hayfever. I wonder if it's an allergy to Mary and Tracy's Paige 'n' Dickson Soapstar Superstar-style duet.

Michelle wants to go to the Maldives (does she now!), little knowing that the Bistro bank account currently reads £-10K. Robert starts touting for business, persuading Kirk and Beth to have the Preston's Petals Xmas do at the Bistro (no starters, sharing a pudding, if Tracy has anything to do with it). He doesn't need to spend money on bar snacks though - Gail's olive over-ordering is still bearing fruit. Maybe he should take business advice from his ex-missus; Tracy has come up with a new idea of pro-photos of children wearing flowers.

Gemma is not sitting around waiting for Prince Charming to come 'round with her shoe and has put up fly-posters to try and find Henry, which Brian takes down (against the law). Prince Henry turns up, quizzing Norris about "Jemima"'s whereabouts and is sent to the "nicer end" of Balaclava Terrace, where there's a computerised toilet, which talks to you for £1 (Michelle and Robert should go there for their holiday). Jemima isn't there though, she's in the pub, listening to Toyah's psycho-babble about the glass shoe complex (the shoe represents hope when the guy doesn't call, apparently). Jesus, Toyah, give it up. Either get a consulting room, or stop trying to counsel people over the bar. Anyway, Norris works it out and brings Henry over to the Rovers, where Cindergemma is waiting in her Prima Donner top and a silver body warmer (still more stylish than Toyah's horrendous high-necked Edwardian-style blouse). He twigs that Gemma's accent is fake, and Liz twigs that Henry is Weatherfield royalty - he is Cecil Newton, of Newton and Ridley's, grandson. Get in, Gemini! A Winter-Newton wedding would be tons better than the Windsor-Markle one.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There used to be another counsellor behind the bar of the Rovers. Stella, they called her, and she was always inviting people to come through for a chat. Toyah runs her sessions front-of-house but she's just the same: beige, bland and boring. This is one time I don't want realistic bar staff. The Rovers landlord and his lady must have at least one personality between them. One can only hope that the Barlow bonanza at Christmas means they split up.

popcorn said...

TWOCing? TRA? Remember that many readers come from other countries and haven't a clue what you are talking about. Actual words would be helpful.

Nina said...

So neither the police nor Anna's family think to check on why/ when Anna is supposed to have gone into the solicitor's office. Thick or what!!


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