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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Phelan's blackmail plot

In next week’s Coronation Street, Seb tells Faye he’s moving into No. 11 with Pat and Eileen. When Faye declares she’s going with him, Gary’s furious and begs Faye to see Phelan for what he is. When Faye refuses to listen, Gary drops the bombshell that Phelan raped Anna. When Faye discovers how Anna slept with Phelan as a trade-off to protect her family, she’s horrified. Will she change her mind about Phelan?

Having tracked Nicola down using a private investigator, Phelan watches as she lets herself into her house before summonsing Gary and telling him it’s now up to him to make contact and lure her back into their lives on the pretext that he wants to be a part of his baby’s life.

When Gary tries to refuse, Phelan makes it clear he either plays ball or Sarah will hear the truth. Will Gary be blackmailed? 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Curious, isn't it? Phelan uses a private investigator to find Nicola and Todd uses a private investigator as below. In one week. Why didn't anyone think of using a private investigator to find out more about Phelan? Money and education don't come in to it. When a storyline requires someone to have cash or a brain, miraculously they find it.

C in Canada said...

So tired of Phelan making everyone dance around him.

Unknown said...

I am very tired of Phelan

Antiphon said...

I am also very tired of Phelan and am fed up continually seeing him doing evil deeds and getting away with it, which has been going on for far too long. If I am honest I have not always found Anna to be a very likeable character, for example for her treatment of Roy after Gary broke into the cafe, but at the same time I do not want her to be simply locked up in prison and never heard of again due to Phelan's lies, which seems quite likely to happen if the accounts online I have read of her exit storyline are anything to go by, as it seems that she will be arrested on Christmas Day and subsequently have to face Phelan in court. If she is given a long jail term due to Phelan's testimony that will be simply another foul deed committed by this unpleasant character; although it has been hinted that he will eventually get his comeuppance there is nothing to indicate that this will happen anytime soon, and I suspect that his storyline may be spun out for at least another year or even more.

It may sound odd, but in a strange sort of way I would prefer it if Phelan murdered Anna and was eventually convicted for her death as well as that of Andy Carver and perhaps Vinny if their bodies were eventually found. If he got a life sentence for these three crimes he would at least be getting his just desserts. As it is, my suspicion is that Anna will be imprisoned for a crime she did not commit, her innocence will never be proved and she will never be seen or heard of again, which is a highly unsatisfying exit for her character. Even if Phelan was eventually linked to the deaths of Andy and Vinny there might be nothing to prove that he also framed Anna.

It may be that there will be some kind of unexpected twist in which Anna is found not guilty, and possibly decides to leave Weatherfield to escape Phelan, but I feel that this is highly unlikely. I am therefore not looking forward to Anna's exit at all, which will probably be a very unjust one, and unlike when Dierdre was wrongfully imprisoned a good number of years ago no one will be able to do anything to help her. It might just possibly be that her innocence is eventually established and she is freed from prison offscreen without returning to the program, but this is also far from certain.


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