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Thursday 16 November 2017

Connor McIntyre teases Phelan's comeuppance in Corrie

In this week's fab Inside Soap magazine there are interviews with all of the winners from the recent Inside Soap awards ceremony. Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan in Coronation Street, is holding two awards in the picture above.  The first award was given to him for being soap's Best Bad Boy and the other is the Coronation Street award for Best Shock Twist, for the Andy's Alive storyline.

Connor talks to Inside Soap about how he thinks Phelan might finally get his comeuppance. He says: "You'd think the writers would have to offer Eileen and Phelan a confrontation. The only people that could get Pat to sit down and confront his behaviour would be Eileen and Nicola.  That would be lovely but I trust the Corrie team implicitly. I'll be there until there is no more need for Pat Phelan - and I'll miss him of course!"

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Despite Phelan's genuine love for Eileen and Nicola, he would still put his survival above their welfare. Whilst they are compliant, they remain an extension of Phelan's identity and are safe. I doubt we'd ever hear him say: 'You're better off without me'. I'm sure he'd kill Eileen in an instant to save his own skin. We know Phelan gets his come-uppance. It's too late to redeem him which might have happened when Nicola first arrived. So he dies and takes Anna with him.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree re Phelan putting his survival over Eileen and Nicola's welfare. The twist I'd love to see would be a storyline where Phelan dies trying to save E & N's lives.

Unknown said...

I disagree with Anon, because that would make Phelan go out as a hero, and he is anything but.

Anonymous said...

I also doubt that Phelan would risk his life to save either Eileen or Nicola,especially Nicola whom he threatened to keep quiet about raping her mother because he doesn't want to destroy his marriage while hypocriticallly he's destroying Anna's life.
As for Phelan's comeuppance,it cannot come soon enough as I'm getting tired of him getting away with everything!

Arya said...

Yes, I don’t want Phelan to go out saving Eileen or Nicola. He needs to be caught out good and proper. Hopefully soon as he continues to get away with everything!

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I'm with the majority....I can't wait to see Phelan get what he deserves. Hopefully death since this is the only way it can be guaranteed that he will never be brought back. Eileen and Nicola can go out with him as far as I'm concerned. No point in Eileen remaining now both her sons are (or will be) gone.

Maricha said...

Hopefully Corrie's writers will pay attention to what they've already written for once and remember that Nicola saw a picture of Andy in Phelan's possession when his corpse is discovered.
As for Vinny, Eileen also must surely have seen him back when the flat scam was underway so she'll link that corpse to Phelan too.
So, I hope he dies in a hail of bullets trying to escape the cops for these murders.

Cobblestone said...

When the corpses are discovered, they will both lead back to Phelan. He was seen on numerous occasions in the Rovers with Vinny - plenty of people know he was his business partner. And as for Andy - Phelan was his landlord! Separately, it’s just circumstantial, but both corpses having a Phelan connection ... even the dumb Weatherfield Plod will be all over Pat.


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