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Monday 27 November 2017

Coronation Street Friday 24th November episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Friday review!

Robert has found himself in receipt of a surprise donation from Chesney. £1000 as thanks for pushing his son out of the way of an oncoming car the other day. He is hesitant to accept it, but when Chesney refuses to take it back, the chef decides how Corrie can tackle one issue whilst ramming in a revisit to an old one.  While having a pint in the Rovers with Jonny, Robert receives an invite to a private poker game. Perfect! Jonny insists on tagging along, but makes a secret phone call to Michelle just to let her know what is going on. He leaves after Robert confidently backs the fat envelope of money, but calls by the Bistro to reassure Michelle that her partner is fine, all the while knowing that he isn’t. While at the Bistro, Tracy overhears Michelle speaking of her concerns for Robert and demands to know what is going on, as she was married to him. When Michelle reveals that Robert may have testicular cancer, the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield pulls a never before seen face of shock and remorse, even offering her sympathy in her most darling Dorothy voice. Back at the casino,it should come as no surprise to anyone that Robert soon gets in over his head, and his bank card is placed on the table. Arriving back at the Bistro, Michelle isn’t too concerned to hear that he lost £100. As far as she is concerned it was £100 spent taking his mind off the operation. She later gets all intimate with him and offers to take him to bed. I wonder if she’d feel the same way if she knew that in actual fact he had lost £10,000?
 Pat Phelan appears to be playing Mr Nice Guy. That’s the problem. He’s always appearing to play him, but seldom ever is. Although giving £5,000 to each of the residents affected by his dodgy flats scheme that fell through is a pretty nice thing to do. He’s even managed to fool Anna Windass into thinking he has turned over a new leaf. As we know, Pat recently offered Anna an ultimatum: if she doesn’t help Nicola reunite with him, he will have her sent to prison for pushing Seb off that ladder, something we all know she didn’t do. Over a glass of wine, Anna explains that since they’re going to have a grandchild in common soon, they should bury the hatchet.  She even offers to help, on the condition that he explains just why he would have her framed. Instantly – and without any noticeable signs – Phelan reverts back to his old self, insisting that she did indeed commit the crime.  She does her signature yelling and he leaves. Next stop for Phelan and his home visits is number 8, to see Seb. In the space of minutes, he manages to twist Seb’s arm into thinking that Anna did push him off the ladder, and that she hates him because of his HIV. Later on, when Anna is trying unsuccessfully to contact Gary, she answers the door to the police. She is arrested on the spot and is hauled off in the back of a police car, protesting her innocence.
 Elsewhere, Our Pal Sal is doing her do-gooder rounds after it made the front page in the Gazette that she – the mayor of Weatherfield – threw her bipolar sister out of the house after she was landed £5,000 in debt. The Street seems to be in need of a communal accountant right now, given all the debts and dodgy deals people have got themselves into.  Still, Gina has managed to start repaying her sister after successfully designing and flogging her weird and wonderful designs on the market. Anyway, Mayor Metcalfe knows that Angie Appleton is tackling the seldom-discussed issue of post-natal depression and has been making a few phone calls to bump her up the waiting list for a counselling session. Angie is furious to hear this, and Mary – having been shut out by her long-lost family for a while now – sees this as her opportunity to win them back. She threatens Sally with a bunch of lilies, and later on, in the pub, Jude and Angie make amends with her. Yay.  As well as all that,  budding journalist Daniel got his hands on Billy’s dark past and badgered the vicar to discuss it for a piece, which, obviously didn’t go down too well…
An okay-ish couple of episodes. Do forgive me if I’ve missed anything major out. It’s becoming harder and harder to give Corrie my full attention these days.
As always,
Thanks for reading!

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C in Canada said...

What is this I'm hearing in the news of Gary dying?????????

Tashacat said...

Loved the small, scene with Daniel and Adam in the flat. Daniel's simmering anger and sarcasm was a joy to watch.

Anonymous said...

Phelan reverts back to his old self, because he realises that something about the situation is off, almost as if Anna is recording the conversation on her phone, which is funny as that's exactly what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

Gary is supposedly going to be killed in a car blast whilst away on another 'dangerous' mission. There will be no survivors. He'll probably come back with amnesia or something equally as lame.

maggie muggins said...

Well, I think you're doing a fine job, just Jordan! Loved your description of Tracy and her "most darling Dorothy voice". I'm also finding it a bit hard to rush to catch up with all the week's episodes. It's a lot of a good thing.

Oooh, Tashacat, that was a juicy little scene. Daniel does do good sarcasm. Just hope he doesn't sink into it as a major character trait.

Cannot wait for Phelan to be gone. Talk about dragging your feet with a story.

Jan said...

Unbelievable that Chesney had a thousand pounds in cash to hand back to Robert. If he needs to get a second job and has no rent money from Kirk and Beth surely he would have spent that money by now?


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