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Thursday 30 November 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 29 Nov 2017

It's another Wednesday double of Weatherfield drama.

As repercussions of Anna's arrest reverberate, Faye still has Phelan on a metaphorical pedestal. A disgruntled Izzy suggests to Gary that its time that Faye knew about Phelan's hideous crime against Anna. Meeting in the cafe, Gary tries to persuade Faye that Phelan is bad news. Struggling to sway the youngster, she remains relentless, so he unwittingly blurts out the truth.

Dismayed yet unfaltering in her view, Faye's betrayal of Anna is horrendous. She dismisses Gary's account of the 'Owen' saga, the rape itself and refuses to acknowledge Pat Phelan's criminality. Is this all part of Pat's revenge?.

Phelan certainly hasn't forgotten Gary beating him up and of course, he has every (bitter and twisted) reason to seek revenge on Anna. He's hypnotised Faye and Seb, and now he's spying on Nicola. Just how far will Phelan go, to take control of this situation?.

As Aidan receives news of a possible factory sale, he is also vastly losing control. Looking to cool his feud with his sister Kate (after punching his dad, MS sufferer Johnny) will he be able to save Underworld from being sold to Mathew Singh? With Johnny and Jenny deciding to retire in Spain (Jenny Bradley can't leave, please!) will Kate decide to go with them? As 'kana' tensions remain high, will Kate look to Spanish senoritas and leave Rana behind?.

With Kate struggling to compose herself in the Bistro, owner Robert is heading to Weatherfield hospital for his 'unmentionables' operation (it's called Testicular Cancer, come on Corrie) and after failing to get agreement on a loan extension, how far will Robert gamble this time? Will a few 'hail marys' from Michelle's Catholic mum, save the day?

Over in the Children's Dept. of Weatherfield General (we see a lot of this place nowadays), little George is still recovering from his most recent illness. Falling ill in the company of Mary, Jude and Angie are deliberating as to whether Mary has anything to do with this latest bout, or is it a coincidence that he always falls ill in her presence?

As Mary arrives at the hospital, it isn't long before, the 'crash team' are called to little George, and his illness now seems more serious. As accusations are thrown, Jude remains in defense of his mum but are Angie's demons skewing her view of Mary? Did Mary do any harm to baby George? Now under investigation by social services, Mary seeks comfort from Norris. Is she generally upset or carrying some sort of guilty conscience?

Still carrying a lot of guilt is my favourite Weatherfield Vicar, Billy. Up early scrolling on 'friends connect' (Weatherfield's answer to Facebook), Billy is seen searching for Gareth Brannigan. Is 'Gareth' culpable in their robbery and the death of Susan Barlow?.

I think Billy may need more than religious salvation to get out this one.

Follow my pal @Glenn_Writes  as he reviews tonight's 8.30pm episode and finds out what happens next!

Anyway, I'm off.T oyah has asked me to sample some new flavour of crisps at The Rovers Return


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Anonymous said...

Mary was feeding George strawberries or something, maybe he's allergic to them.

Isn't FayE going to feel stupid when the truth finally comes out. Silly little girl!

C in Canada said...

I've never warmed to Faye. After everything Anna's done for her, stood by her through all the stupid decisions Faye's made (pregnancy being the big one!) I consider her an ungrateful little madam.

Anonymous said...

C in Canada, I agree with you completely! Have never warmed to the kid at all. Wouldn't miss her one bit if she left! (nothing at all against the actress) It's just the character I can't stand!

Unknown said...

Faye is an ungrateful kid if it wasn't for ANNA? Where would she be????? Her storyline is boring let her go ����PLEASE

Maricha said...

Faye has always been dreadful. Only a mother could love her through all that.

It's likely George is allergic to something on Mary like flower pollen,but it could also be one of his parents causing his illness. Sure, he's ill when he's with Mary but most products don't kick in right away. He might be reacting to something he was given up to an hour earlier when he wasn't with her at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments about Faye,she is a brat!
I can't wait to see her face when she realises that both Phelan and her boyfriend set up her mother to go to jail!

scifiaddict86 said...

Yeah it sounds like Mary is giving him something not realizing it causing harm. Or there is something like an air freshener or carpet shake that's making him ill in her house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Anon 16:49, Anna's not her "real" mother though, she said so on Wednesday - what a little ingrate!


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