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Saturday 18 November 2017

Corrie weekly update: Testicles? No comment!

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Rana and Zeedan have their civil ceremony after Rana and Kate kiss earlier in the week. Rana’s in turmoil wondering whether to marry Zeedan or go after Kate. In the end, she does what the Imam tells her to do after she meets him for advice. But little does she know that Kate had left a message on her phone before the wedding telling her that she loved her. Rana deletes the message without listening to it and then Kate turns up drunk at Yasmeen’s house for the wedding party.

Billy’s arrested this week after his fingerprints match up with an historic file at the cop shop. He’s taken in for questioning about his role in a hit and run crash which left a woman dead. Now, we know that the woman is going to turn out to be Susan Barlow, Adam’s mam. But it’s soap, it’s Corrie, and as such, we have to suck it up and take it otherwise we might as well give in and watch EastEnders.  And so, let’s go with it, all right?  Adam represents Billy at the cop shop where he tells him to say “No Comment” to every question he’s asked.  When Adam finds out that Billy was in the car that hit his mum and killed her, I suspect Adam will have a little more to say. 

Beth, Kirk and Craig move into Maria’s flat with her and little Liam after Chesney chucks them out. Roy spills the beans to Beth in the caf√© that Fiz and Tyrone bought a van from the money given to them via Hope’s crowdfunding page. Beth isn’t best pleased to hear that Fiz has kept money that she feels should have been shared. There’s a fight and the cops are called. 

Robert’s out of jail this week and he and Michelle celebrate with a lot of rumpeh-pumpeh in bed. But Michelle finds a lumpeh-bumpeh in Robert’s downstairs department. Much is made of Robert’s man parts without the word testicle being used, not even once, although Michelle said the word breast. What’s going on here? Come on, Corrie, use the right word. Testicle. It might just help someone  who’s going through the same issue you’re highlighting on screen. Testicular cancer. Just say it. 

Phelan and Eileen are back from their hols and Nicola tells her dad that she never wants to see him again and she’s off to Australia. 

Look, I’m sorry if this week’s update is a bit whiney and whingey this week but I’m afraid it’s not been a great week of Corrie for this fan. In fact, apart from Jonathan Harvey’s great Monday night episodes the week before last, I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed it very much at all.  Come on, Corrie! You know you can do better! If you’re forcing six episodes a week on us now, make them six episodes we enjoy and care about, please. 

The one thing that did put a smile on my face was Norris and Colin cleaning their glasses in tandem. This lead Colin to wonder if Norris could possibly be his dad. Highly unlikely of course, but good fun indeed.

And finally this week, Phelan drops the bombshell on Anna that her son has got his daughter pregnant. Anna’s face was as wonderful as you can imagine when she heard this news.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Catsmom said...

Well, I thought the look on Adam's face said he might know who was killed in that crash!

Where's Emily?? said...

I barely care enough to comment....ho hum ho hum

Rebecca said...

testicles. Testicles. TESTICLES! See how easy it is to use a medical term Corrie? Stop acting like 10 year olds and say it.

Anonymous said...

Murder: routine. Rape:ho hum. Testicles: too shocking.

Flo said...

I binge watched all of this past weeks episodes in one day and it was all I could do to get through them. I never thought I'd ever be so meh about Corrie. Change is good, but where is the show that I started watching in the first place? I barely recognize it. And I haven't been watching all that long in comparison to some!

And yes, what would have been so wrong with saying testicles?? We can shoot two people, toss them in the river for shock value, but can't say a word that is a body part? This is messed up. Who is writing some of this crap?

Anonymous said...

Balls..there...I said it.


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