Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Norris turns superhero for Mary

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and Norris turns superhero for Mary. Well, that explains the odd costume in the picture above!

Norris tells Mary and Tracy that Jude and Angie are going back to South Africa for good. 

Tracy does her best to make them miss their flight by locking Angie in the florist storeroom. But Mary is devastated when Jude says he resents her for giving him up as a baby. 

Meanwhile Norris has found a box of dressing up costumes in the Kabin and emerges dressed as Batman and carrying a ‘Grandfathers for Justice’ banner. 

The residents are stunned as he climbs the steps to the factory roof gantry and stages a protest but it’s brought to a halt when Bethany returns from taking George for a walk and says he has been sick and is shaking. 

As an ambulance is called fears grow for baby George. 

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Vlad the Impaler said...

Sorry but I am sick of this storyline now. Jude was too quick to just accept Mary as 'Mum' - he didn't know her from Adam. And will they please just make their minds up if they are staying or going. But as if you would give up living in South Africa to live in a backwater like Weatherfield! Such rubbish!

C in Canada said...

I'm in agreement. Tired of the flip flopping by Jude.
Stay or go, but make up your minds!

Anonymous said...

I'm also getting tired of Jude and after the way he called Mary a 'freak' and resenting her for giving him away fully aware he was taken away without her consent,I wish he and his family would move for good as Mary is better off without them as her 'family'.
As for little George shaking,I wonder if he's suffering 'shaking baby syndeome' due to his mother's post partum depression?

J said...

Didn't Jude have a couple of kids in earlier episodes? Mary was talking about visiting Jude and the grandkids. But then he shows up with only a newborn.

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