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Thursday 30 November 2017

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 29 Nov, 8.30pm

At the end of the 7.30pm episode, Faye went off in a strop because she thinks her family are obsessed with Pat Phelan and that he is not so bad, after all. She has all the facts, but has made her mind up. 

Meanwhile, Mary is becoming paranoid and scared, given that baby George is often ill in her care. Maybe he is allergic to Lily of the Valley or Oil of Olay. 

Kate has declared she is running off to Spain. Her friends suspect something is wrong, because it is all very sudden. Grab Rana on the Red Rec and tell her you love her! 

Meanwhile back at the hospital (most eps take place here now, Corrie meets Casualty) Robert comes round from his op and is delirious. It is probably the amount of storylines he has had to deal with since getting out of prison. 

Billy meets an old friend (played by the brilliant Tam Ryan) and starts fishing for the truth and the pal threatens him. I cannot buy this story arc, as Billy has never mentioned this dark side before. Luke Sywalker wouldn't suddenly start heavy breathing and declaring he'd smoked before we met him! 

Rita and Norris have a chat about Mary and whether there is no smoke without fire. Rana and Aidan have a chin wag and once Aidan finds out about Kate's plans, his arched eyebrow says "I gotta get involved." Reet and Norris 'appen to be passing as Social Services knock the door to speak to Mary. Norris stands in the background like the Priest in The Exorcist, as Mary is grilled.  Social workers in soaps are always represented as do-gooders, who go for the good folk. Mary shouts and then sits confused looking like Blanche DuBois, in A Streetcar Named Desire but she is not depending on the kindness of strangers, as Norris is the one who offers a voice of reason.

Robert is looking stern and stony-faced, as he has debts, following his stint in Ocean's 11, Salford style.

Jude calls round and turns Judas, as he is now convinced that Mary is making his son ill. He asks her to "stop ringing." Mary gets angry and wants answers. 

David's beard has now grown so much, that he could lurk in the undergrowth and call himself David Bellamy. Phelan calls round and Gary and him square off in the kitchen. The feud continues. Yawn! 

Kate insists she is still of to Espana but Luke gives a look that says, "I know it's not for you!" It's good that Kate finally has someone to open up to. 

Billy meets up with Shona and asks how a gangsta's mum lives with it all, meaning 'I'm a former crim, get me out of here!' He'd convince me me if he were to eat cockroaches than swallow this back story. 

Beth gossips about Mary and she walks into The Rovers with Norris. Mary asks Norris if he has been running her down and leaves the pub. In the beer garden, doting dad Phelan wants to talk about his daughter and her unborn baby. "I need you to tell her you want to be part of her life and the baby's life." Gary is stuck now, like his mum. 

How long can Phelan go on for? Is baby George allergic to Mary's nivea face cream, will #Kana tell the street their secret, or will someone hear Luke? Find out on Friday!

A decent episode but, for me - there's too much Phelan, bring back Roy Cropper! 

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Tilly Flop said...

And Eva. Bring back Eva. Where's she gone to?

Anonymous said...

It's odd that Kevin would clear off to Germany to visit his dad while Anna is in such dire straits.

C in Canada said...

They've put Eva back in the CS cupboard to be trotted out when they need her again. It would be nice to just see her behind the bar though.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of missing characters, where on earth is Leeanne and Oliver? Has the actress left the show? She has been gone for a very long time.

abbyk said...

My guess is that Leanne, Eva and little Oliver are painting the town beige with Stella in Paris. Come back, ladies, we miss you. Not you, Stella.

Of course George is allergic to something Mary wears. But it will take a long time for them to figure this out and I don’t think it will be a pretty ride.

Shona was the saving grace in Billy’s ridiculous crammed in backstory saga. You didn’t do it, you were merely associated with the people who did. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[13;18]Unfortunately for a self-centred bloke like Kevin,it's not hard to believe he would abandon Anna.
Once he got his hands on her money from David,Kevin had no more use for Anna except as a babysitter for HIS son while he's in the pub.
Now if it was Sally who was in Anna's dire situation,Kevin would be by her side with his support.

As for George,maybe he's allergic to something his mother wears[perfume] and then both Angie and Jude will have a lot of apologising to do!


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