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Tuesday 28 November 2017

Dearn Fagan interview: Can Luke bring Phelan down?

Tell us about what happens when Luke finds some post for Andy.

Luke presumes Andy is staying with a friend in Bristol so he doesn't suspect anything at first but he notices more and more that Andy’s post starts to pile up. Luke just wants to see him to give him his post.

What is Luke’s first thoughts when he discovers that Andy never moved to Bristol?

“How odd?” But again he doesn't deliberate too much. Andy hasn't always been the most truthful or trusting person and he left without saying a word after dumping Steph so Luke thinks that Andy has told a lie about moving to Bristol to keep himself hidden and out of the way.

Why does Luke turn to Phelan?

Luke knows that Phelan was one of the last people to see him before he ‘left’. He also says he's still in touch with Andy. Phelan tells Luke to let it go, not to bother or think too much about Andy because of the way he dumped Steph. He confirms what Luke is thinking, that Andy wants to keep in hiding. Luke has no reason not to trust Pat at this point… he’s just the landlord.

What happens when Phelan sends Luke to an address in Birmingham?

Andy wasn’t there at the address that Phelan suggested so Luke returns very annoyed that he was sent on a wild goose chase.

What’s Luke’s reaction when he is told that Andy is travelling?

Dumbfounded! But he believes that Matt is telling him the truth.

Do you think Luke should be scared about what he is getting himself into with Phelan?

He has no idea what he's in for! He’s gets very curious, sensing something is a little off and pulling the string to unravel the sweater.

Did you always know that Luke was going to be hot on Phelan’s trail?

I knew they would cross paths eventually especially as all the drama with Andy and the laptop happened in the builders yard where Luke lives. That gives off a massive whiff and Phelan is the landlord! Questions were bound to be asked and the answers don’t add up so he inevitably becomes a strong lead.

What were your first thoughts when you found out about this storyline?

I was thrilled, I love the idea and was ready to get my teeth stuck in. Everything always gets turned up a notch when you’re involved with Pat Phelan!

What’s the best thing about working with Connor McIntyre?

Connor is a fantastic actor and a top bloke. We can have a laugh but he’s also true professional who wants the best and doesn’t stop until he gets it. I’ve learnt a lot from his work ethic.

What advice would you give Luke if he was your friend?

Remember the saying… ‘Curiosity killed the cat’

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Rebecca said...

Yay! Something for Luke! I just hope they don't kill him off...

Anonymous said...

First,Todd then Daniel and after him Anna or even Eileen was suppose to expose Phelan but nothing came of it so I find it hard to believe that Luke is suddenly concerned about Andy and will expose Phelan?
Luke is a good character which will probably mean he will get killed off and the Phelan storyline will go on and on.
It's ridiculous how Coronation Street has lately centered on once character as Phelan is even involved in Gary's death storyline.

Anonymous said...

Luke will see the little house thingy at Eileen' then it's bye bye Luke

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sadly, I don't think people will miss Luke if he left right now. He might go out a hero in trying to unmask Phelan but I don't think it will be him that brings Phelan down. More likely, it will be forensic evidence in the basement. If they found evidence of one person sleeping rough, there must be traces of the DNAs of the other two. And why is Luke only now curious about what's happened to Andy who was, after all, his sister's boyfriend? Presumably, Luke and Steph keep in touch and Andy's name must crop up. They really are trying to wring as much as possible out of this. Mary could unintentionally cross Phelan when she finds some of Andy's creative writing and tries to publish it on his behalf. It would be just as implausible as much of this storyline.

Laura said...

I am getting tired of this storyline dragging on and on, but at least Luke is finally getting a storyline. He deserves one.


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