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Saturday 18 November 2017

6 episodes per week - how's it working for you?

How are the six episodes of Coronation Street working for you? Indeed, are they working... or not?

It's been over two months now since the extra episode of Coronation Street was added to the scheduled. The additional episode taking us to six episodes per week began on September 18th 2017.

Does it feel like forever, I wonder?

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

Do you think six episodes are too many? Or are you enjoying them all?

Bear in mind that we're having seven episodes next week as Corrie catch up on episodes missed due to football next week too.

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Anonymous said...

I will be happier about the extra episode per week when the storylines inprove. I am in Canada and a little light relief on last night's episode with Moira and Colin comical interaction with each other. Other than that it's all dreary, dreary, dreary!!

Where's Emily?? said...

Can there ever be enough Corrie? I think not.
Having said that, I think a general sitting down of the writers and discussing the episodes before hand might help a little.
Let's build some characters that we might be inclined to invest in for the next few years...make us love Corrie again. Please.

By all means, continue on with six episodes, but please something with substance and none of the flyby night ratings grab...grab our attention instead!

Anonymous said...

I love my Corrie but I still believe that Less is More. It is a big ask, requiring fans to commit and commit every week. And why, exactly? I for one am completely saturated and am even contemplating the unthinkable: whether to skip the odd episode.

3 x half hour episodes of quality TV back in the day was the optimal amount. I used to think I wanted more but having to hang out, waiting, was, I now realise, a core part of my satisfaction. To put it in Economics terms, every additional episode since then has had a diminishing margin of return for me. So much so that I inwardly groaned when I first heard about the sixth episode. And my experience hasn’t proved my gut feeling wrong.


aidan ryan said...

Getting worse every week nothing like it was years ago

Anonymous said...

No longer the must-see commitment of years gone by. Now it is more 'drop by when you feel like it and nothing better to do as we are here all time.'

PoidaPete said...

I’m enjoying the doubles three thours new a week. I think for the foreseeable unless there’s an event week it should stay like this. The only thing I would change is more of the humour.
Tim and Sally, Moo-ra, their humour lately is what Corrie does best. Still keep serious storylines but make sure to balance them with lightheartedness and comedy.

Louby said...

On the night there was football instead, it was almost a relief to have a break from it! I agree with anon at 21.37 really. And I think I would prefer a solid hour rather than two half hours, although I guess the Mondays and Fridays were designed that way so as not to clash with EastEnders.

Anonymous said...

Too many episodes = declining quality. Sadly.


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