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Thursday 16 November 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 15 Nov 7.30pm

Welcome to another Wednesday double of Weatherfield drama. Tonight's first half would have made my typewriter explode!.. if I wasn't writing on a laptop. Threads of deceit, injustice, affairs, arson and some serious crime. The Weatherfield police 'Coronation Street' incident notebook must be as thick as Roy's 'Bat watch' meeting notes!.

Tonight's opener sees the return of Eileen and Phelan from their 2 week holiday in Lanzarote. Shona delivers the news of their house fire and Phelan's pause for thought tells you all you need to know. With Eileen's 'dream home' in tatters, Phelan heads down the cop shop to find out more about the 'arson'. The streets other 'arsonist' Todd, is cautious in accepting Adams solicitor services and warns Billy to tell him less than he needs to hear. Todd should have relayed this information to Summer, as she happily tells the social worker about Billy's recent arrest. Seeking salvation, the Vicar is troubled with this 16-year-old crime and Adam advises him that he should be able to escape any justice, but why hold back information about the car crash?.

What with fights, robbery charges, and arson, It looks like social services are fine with Summer's living arrangements, appearing to be as incompetent as Weatherfield Police!.

Down at the cop shop, Phelan is shown evidence of 2 undesirable looking youths running away from the house before it started. Did Phelan pays kids to torch the place?. You bet he did!. Rather than run away from anymore questioning (they also found evidence of squatting), our Phelan insists on telling the police about the 'unhinged' Anna Windass, when he's subsequently questioned about the attempted murder charge on Seb. Personally, I thought 'chargrilled fishwife' was sufficient enough but she certainly does look to be breaking under the pressure.

Its 'case dismissed' for the house fire and Phelan looks to be hedging his bets with an insurance pay-out, but is his luck changing?. Seeing daughter Nicola heading over to see Eileen, will she tell all about the rapes and his narcissistic psychotic tendencies?.

Over at the bistro, 'wedding arrangements' for Rana and Zeedan, are in full swing. Kate agrees to help but remains unrelenting and Rana is also appearing rather preoccupied. Fraught feelings among the former best friends suddenly appear fervent, and back at Number 6, it reaches boiling point as Kate lunges into Rana with a big kiss, but did Zeedan see them?.

I shall back for another review next week - 7 episodes!.

Follow my pal @Glenn_Writes  as he reviews tonight's 8.30pm slot.

I'm off now, I'm late to meet Roy for this weeks 'Bat Watch' meeting.


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3 comments:'re better off in Peru! said...

My goodness what an "on the edge of our seat" episode! Seems as if every episode is well thought out and written with care. No holes in these storylines, no sir. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to come up with another half hour every week. The ratings must be through the roof!
So glad that they're getting such use out of the new set as well...the police station is a boon, and what with the hospital,I'm surprised that no one has thought of taking in a few nurses as lodgers...that'd liven things up at the Rovers.
Wonderful review as well, can't wait to read the next one...goodness sake, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Fridays episode.

Anonymous said...

Are you being sarcastic? If not I'm not seeing what you're seeing!

Anonymous said...

PS. Sorry Ryan, your review is good, I'm not sure what Emily is seeing though.


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