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Thursday 23 November 2017

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 22 November 8.30pm

As if Robert hasn't got enough to contend with, he has retained the sun tan he got in prison, has adopted the George Clooney-esque 'Silver Fox', and now has bad news from the hospital to contend with. 

Meanwhile, Gina's debts are racking up, and bailiffs have visited Sally's house, as she becomes Mayor. However snobby Sally can be, she has supported Gina through thick and thin. But this is the last straw and she throws her out. 

Moira has gone from 'jobs worth' to blood thief. Why? To pursue a comedy character that I have no time for. Bring back Ian McKellen, loved his guest stint in Corrie. But this plot and character is leaving me feeling a bit meh! But at least, it gives Norris a funny line about 'blanket baths! ' Colin is just not setting the cobbles alight, for me. 

Michelle is nagging Robert and she recognises it by saying: "At the risk of being a boring nag......"  Kym Marsh has been brilliant when grieving and fighting, but please give her something more to do than moan. She has lost a child,  and husband and has been stalked. Can't she just get drunk and have a laugh? 

Gemma goes to where all the former Londoners move to in Manchester, Didsbury to a secret internet party. Is this the 1990's? Will they be listening to Keane when she arrives?  

Robert finally comes clean and tells Michelle that he has lied. And whilst the meercats lark around and we have an ad break. Do you like Robert? I used to, but I feel too much has happened to him in a short space of time. Can we give Roy Cropper a story and have Robert rest up for a bit? All Roy does is tug his apron and asks Anna to spread, as he slices. 

Dev brings Gina back and announces she is moving in. Not for love though, to give her somewhere to rest her head, as she has no-one. But, Mary has a point, "Proceed with caution." 

The Didsbury set look like stereotypical employees from the BBC in Salford. Gemma entertains the guests with her "frightful munchies" and it all feels a bit Pygmalion. 

Liz is in the driving seat, as she gets to stand back as Moira spills her heart out about Colin in The Rovers. This is a woman who put Liz through the mill at the surgery, and now she is left without a job. If I were Liz, I'd be laughing. Colin comes into The Rovers and asks Moira to "Come to Stoke On Trent." Hopefully he is going to go, as this is going nowhere fast, otherwise. 

Robert is unravelling, and Michelle supports him. Robert watched his dad die, and it all adds up, as to why he is resisting treatment or even a full diagnosis. 

In the Ches, Sinead and Daniel love triangle, looks are still being exchanged. Sinead, make your  mind up. She is more indecisive than Donald Trump. Stay or go, but stop dithering. This would  work better if she dumped both of them!

Gemma hears a siren and runs off like Cinders and leaves the Didsbury house. Michelle and Robert have a heart to heart, and she keeps referring to the lump and the thing the lump is on, as 'it.' An advice line is plugged at the end, but you could forgive the odd viewer for thinking, "Where is Robert's cancer?" 

This was an ok episode. But I need some more #Kana so hoping for a fix of these two star crossed lovers on Friday. 

Until next week, see you in't Rovers! 

Glenn Meads
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C in Canada said...

Neither Moira or Colin are working for me either. Can't stand either one.
They both grate on my nerves.
I'm glad it's not just me! lol

Maricha said...

Yep, Colin and Moira aren't interesting at all and they're even less funny. When I heard Corrie was going to have comedy I didn't think this was what they meant.

Anonymous said...

I think the comedy is how many names can the writers come up with to refer to Roberts testicles. It's embarrassing. When Sally had breast cancer, they weren't referred to anything other than that. Imagine the outrage if Kevin had said that Sally had cancer in her jugs!

Rapunzel said...

Henry thought Gem-i-ma was a nurse. wouldn’t it be a wonderful if Gemma’s friends in fact convinced and supported her to go to nursing school. She’d be brilliant.


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