Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas storylines on Coronation Street

There have been rumours and mutterings about a whole host Christmas storylines over the past few weeks and so I've gathered them all together into one little blog post which I'll keep updating.

If you're reading the blog on a computer, laptop or ipad, you'll see the blog post to the left hand side in the column that runs down the blog and you'll know to keep checking it to see when it's been updated with new Corrie Christmas spoilers.

And so, with any further ado, here we go with the storylines that we know so far about the festive season in Weatherfield this year.

Click on each story to find out more details.

  1. Carla Connor returns on Friday December 22nd
  2. Bruno Langley will last appear as Todd Grimshaw on Christmas Eve
  3. Summer's evil grandma is coming back
  4. Steve and Tracy back together
  5. A Peter Barlow extravaganza
  6. Happy Christmas for the Platts
And if you're still in the Christmas mood, here's our ...

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abbyk said...

I could not be more disappointed than hearing about Steve and Tracy getting back together. I’d rather watch Collin and Moira disappointed. These reunions don’t work for either of them and we had a taste of something good that could have developed with Leanne.

Maricha said...

They've missed the boat with Leanne this time but knowing the breakneck speed at which the show puts people together only to break them apart, I wouldn't rule out Steve and Leanne forever, just not right now.

Anonymous said...

I guess the writers have run out of ideas of what to do with Tracy, so lets shove her together with Steve again.

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when everyone is featured in the Christmas episodes,now it's one or two families and usally the Barlows and Platts which is getting tedious to watch year after year!

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