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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Why I Adore Tracy Barlow

This blog post might seem like just a natter but I couldn’t help myself! Over the years Corrie have blessed us with some iconic characters that will reign supreme in the Coronation Street Hall of Fame for years, or decades, to come.

One of the characters that I personally adore is none other than Tracy Barlow, played by the brilliant Kate Ford. I will always have time to watch the ‘Queen Bitch’ making snide remarks, or just watching Ms Barlow and Mary putting the world to rights while arranging some lilies.

With one of the show’s most rich character backgrounds, Tracy has been pushed to the back of the queue where storylines are concerned in recent months but in the last few weeks she has popped up here and there, offering her sarcasm and shall we say, unpleasant, comments. Particularly where Tracy has taken young Chesney under her wing, and I am loving this. It’s about time Tracy took on a prot√©g√© and shared her worldly wisdom on pettiness. 

Speaking of being a victim of Tracy Barlow, one of my favourite Corrie episodes ever involves Tracy, Charlie Stubbs, and a certain statue. Yep, you know the one. The whole thing is just brilliant; Tracy (awkwardly) seducing Charlie, the dialogue, the music climaxing just as Tracy picks up the statue and whacks ol’ Charlie over the head.

And who can forget Tracy wreaking havoc on Nick and Carla’s wedding day? The day consisted of Tracy concocting several schemes to cause as much trouble as possible. Admittedly she did end up locked in a cupboard, but when she got out she was out for revenge by revealing to everyone that Carla had done the dirty with Robert. Well, no one ever said Tracy was subtle, did they?

Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, Tracy for me is one of the characters that make Corrie so first-class. Her one-liners are hilarious and her scheming plots are masterful. Please, please, please, never change this!

Just a short post this time but I wanted to pay my compliments to a character that will always allow us to relish in her cynicism. 

Sophie Williams 

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of Tracy Barlow, though I think Kate Ford is great. Dearest Sophie Williams, I enjoyed your commentary very much with the exception of your apparent approval of Tracy whacking Charlie over the head with the statue. You may recall he died as a result of that whacking? And Tracy has never once to my recollection said the words "I killed someone and that was wrong. I was lucky enough to be let off on a technicality and I'll try to make up for it". Never. That is disappointing to awful as Charlie was, you cannot run around killing people just because you don't like how they treat you. This is a very specific reason why I can never fully cheer for the character of Tracy. Well, that and also because she said "all babies are ugly"...of course that's because I'm one of those saps who think all babies are lovely. Tracy doesn't have to be perfect at all, but she does need to admit/acknowledge that murder is wrong. She never will, thus I can't fully buy in to her stories nor do I expect the character to grow much as a human being.

Rapunzel said...

I love Tracy too. I’m glad they’ve toned her down recently.

I also think the writers made a big error in the way they wrote the Charlie Stubbs death story. It should have been more nuanced, with more room to argue that, like Shelley before her, Tracey was a victim of his prolonged abuse. That may still have not been enough to withstand a murder charge, but would have created sufficient sympathy for her to be rehabilitated back after a few years inside.

Same too for Rob. If they’d only resisted the temptation to go for the dramatic “OMG she lives... OMG, down she goes ...” twist then we’d be left with doubts as to whether Rob was truly responsible for Tina falling off the balcony.

Anonymous said...

Revenge...Tracy killed Charlie for revenge. She murdered him as simple as that.

Don't get me wrong as I too enjoy the character of Tracy Linette. She has always had a mean streak, a jealous streak, and occasionally (hardly ever) do we see her vulnerable side.
Corrie's looking for another Blanche? Look no further, here she is...that is until her little clone Amy grows up!

So yeah, let's not forget she killed Charlie Stubbs(and who didn't want to?) but so is Jim MacDonald a killer...and a bank robber...and I love his character too.

Makes wonder about Ches though, as she never does anything unless there is something in it for her...ahhhhhh...right...getting one over on the prodigal son Daniel.
I predict great viewing with the Barlow clan in the next while!

Anonymous said...

Charlie did not die from the whack to the head. He was in a coma and predicted to survive. Tracy sneaked into his room and unplugged his life support. As Charlie opened his eyes she stared into them and said she wanted him to know it was her who killed him. Not much room for nuanced there. This is psycho territory. I prefer characters who have courage, truthfulness, compassion, humour. Revenge, meanness, bitterness, selfishness is dime a dozen. To play these traits one-dimensionally does not seem to me require much acting skills. You are entitled to your preferences as am I. We each see ourselves in the characters we like.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Two of the biggest villains on Corrie are Pat Phelan and Tracy Barlow (OK, she's toned down at the moment but she could switch on a writer's whim). Who are the two actors we're told are absolute sweeties and are rolled out for interviews to prove their genuine niceness. Connor McIntyre and Kate Ford, both lovely people playing horrible people. Good psychological move by the Corrie team. They make us adore the actor and we're more likely to forgive the character. How would we feel about Tracy if we heard that Kate Ford was actually, in real life, a horrible person? She isn't anything like her character, I know that. If Tracy was a character in a magazine serial, I doubt if she would have as many fans. In the same you can't say a person is evil because their character is, you also can't say a character is redeemable because you like the actor. It's all in the script. Tracy's a nasty piece of work, just like Phelan and neither of them can be truly redeemed.

Anonymous said...

She hasn't had a storyline in some time and I hadn't even noticed. Now the writers have decided that getting her and Steve back together is a good thing and will amount to all sorts of carryings-on, gurning to beat all get out and Tracy's wise cracks and smirks constantly. Oh and of course another pregnancy is probably I the works somewhere. OMG.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous 29 November 2017 at 21:11 - thank you for your clarification. When I said he died as a result of the knock on the head, I meant he eventually died. Had Tracy not hit him on the head, intending (I believe) to kill him, he never would have been in position to be in a hospital in a coma where Tracy could come in and finish him off. To me that's a small detail - she always intended to do him off. As you say - that is psycho territory.

Imagine if the writers had the courage to explore Tracy a little more. I'm waiting for the day little Miss Amy, who has a slight mean streak but much more awareness of other people, confronts her about her past. She's the only one who completely sees through Tracy.

Anonymous said...

So she (TB) is getting away with burning
carla's flat, endangering Amy & Carla, not to mention manslaughter????

Laura said...

I don't think Amy is the only one who sees through Tracy. Ken definitely does, and I think Peter does too.


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