Wednesday, 22 November 2017

5 Things Coronation Street Is

Coronation Street is our cultural heritage, our television history
Please keep it relevant to those of us who have been watching, and supporting it, for most of our lives.

Coronation Street is a matriachal soap
Where are the strong females these days?

Coronation Street is funny and warm
Please bring back the humour.

Coronation Street is tea and toast by the fire on a winter's evening. 
Please make it cosy again

Coronation Street is a soap - for then, now and forever
It's a soap, a show that needs to move on and reinvent itself, I understand that. Within the commercial world of ITV, Coronation Street is a product to be sold to attract advertisers to the commercial channel. I understand that too.

But - Then, now and forever?
ITV recently coined this phrase themselves - so please don't let their actions speak louder than their words.

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Maricha said...

Spot on again, FN!
You'd think the success of shows like Call the Midwife or Downton Abbey Corrie producers would realize that a show can do very well without trying to be all things to all people. If they were letting stories grow naturally from character development instead of picking a fashionable issue and shoehorning it into characters' lives the show would still be as excellent as it used to be.

Maricha said...
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popcorn said...

Right on the money, FN.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,Coronation Street is now the 'Pat Phelan Show' as his tedious storyline of terror has dragged for too long at the expense of other characters.
Regardless of the storyline,Phelan is in every episode and is even utilised to get rid of other characters who left or are leaving the Street,Andy,Anna,Gary Nicola and possibly Todd without word of HIM getting his comeuppance and thus Coronation is losing it's credibility by letting the villain get away with his crimes.

Flo said...

Very well put! Some things shouldn't be drastically changed, and this is one of them.

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