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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Rovers return for Sue Johnston

Sue Johnston, who played Gloria Price in Coronation Street, is returning to television. In fact, she's returning to Rovers. But it's not the Rovers Return and neither is it Coronation Street.

Rovers is a new comedy show about the loyal supporters of a rather rubbish local lower league football team, Redbridge Rovers, who get together to discuss their team's dismal form in the clubhouse run by Sue's character, matriarchal and loose-lipped Doreen.

As well as Doreen, who's kept punters coming through the doors with her legendary meat raffles for a quarter of a century, viewers will also get to know obsessive fan Pete Mott, who likes nothing more than talking stats with his best mate Tel – only Tel has recently thrown Pete by coming out as gay and bringing his new boyfriend Mel to the club.

Then there’s Pete’s young lodger Tom, who has eyes for new barmaid Sam, bossy pensioner Francis and a whole host of other loveable eccentrics.

"I've completely fallen in love with the world created in Rovers and I can't wait to start filming," says Sue, who also starred in Downton Abbey. "And, of course, it will be a joy to be working with Craig Cash again."

A transmission date has yet to be announced.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call a turn as someone's maid "starring" in Downton Abbey...anyway, glad the actress is back on TV and NOT returning to the cobbles! The actress is great, Gloria was not.

Rebecca said...

I was worried at first -- I thought you were going to say she was coming back to Corrie! I've seen her on Corrie and in her bit part on Downton and didn't enjoy her in either.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, above. She's a lovely actress, but I'm glad Gloria won't be returning. There are too many stinkers in Corra already, thank you!

njblas said...

Phew! The mis-casting of the wonderful Ms Johnston as ghastly Gloria would have to rank as one of Corrie's all-time biggest wasted opportunities. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to revisit that embarrassing situation...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you had me going there for a minute

"Oh no" I said to myself.


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