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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street... Deirdre dies

Wednesday 8th July
DEIRDRE’S PARTY IS DEALT A SHATTERING BLOW Deirdre’s friends pile into the Rovers for her surprise party. At No.1 Ken readies himself for the big night as Audrey tends to Tracy’s hair. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Ken’s surprised to find that it’s Bev but without Deirdre. Clearly upset, Bev breaks the news that Deirdre died this afternoon. Ken, Tracy and Audrey can only look at her in stunned silence as Bev explains how she passed away. In the pub a devastated Liz and Bev break the news that Deirdre has died. Back at home Tracy and Ken break down, unable to contemplate life without Deirdre.

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Interview with Corrie scriptwriter Damon Rochefort on writing out a legend from the show
Official Coronation Street Deirdre Barlow book

SARAH STARTS TO DOUBT CALLUM When Kylie tells Sarah that Callum is taking her for a ride, and that he tried it on with her yesterday, Sarah’s worried. Confronting Callum, Sarah demands to know if what Kylie said is true. How will Callum respond?
ROY DECIDES TO GIVE CATHY THE CHAIR Cathy apologises to Roy and asks him if he’ll return to the house with her and make a start on clearing out all the rubbish. At Cathy’s house, Roy surveys the piles of mess and forms a plan. Cathy tries to share his enthusiasm.
ELSEWHERE Michael and Eileen enjoy a drink in the bistro, clearly fond of each other.

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Anonymous said...

Eileen is a better fit with Michael than Gail IMO.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Eileen has a penchant for married vulnerable men,first Paul and now Michael?
In light of the emotional drama of Deirdre's death,I think Sarah's concerns about Callum pale in comaparison.

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