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Sunday, 5 July 2015

First-look pics: Tracy Barlow kisses ex-husband Robert Preston

Here are some first-look pictures of the new Robert Preston.  Robert will arrive for Deirdre's funeral and these pics are from the episode to be shown on Monday 13th July 2015.

Feeling rejected by Ken, Tracy can’t face the wake after Deirdre's funeral and heads home.

Robert Preston calls at No.1. In desperate need of some company, Tracy invites him in. Robert tells Tracy how he’s never stopped thinking about her and Tracy kisses him.
How will Ken react when he returns home to find Tracy in a passionate clinch with her ex-husband?

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Anonymous said...

so, the redemption of Tracy begins? Not buying it. She needs to be in prison IMO

Anonymous said...

Well not really---she's still being selfish (and she's another who can't seem to be without a man for 5 seconds...get a grip!) on the day she lays her mother to rest.

Anonymous said...

will it ever come out that she started the fire? or will Carla be blamed for the rest of her life? I thought it was soap-law that the guilty party had to pay at least in some way.

Anonymous said...

The only way Tracy can be redeemed is if she does confess to starting the fire in a botched murder attempt on Carla's life.otherwise I don't think she'll change.
I don't see the point of Robert's return now and I am disappointed that Deirdre's farewell is being used as a contrived 'pity party' for Tracy.

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