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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Coronation Street moving to six episodes a week?

What is going on with the current Coronation Street schedule?  Just a few days after our blogger Merseytart wonderfully sang the praises of the mid-week Wednesday episode, we've moved to six episodes a week.

This week we've got an extra episode on Thursday 9th July at 8pm. And next week there's an extra Thursday episode too, on Thursday 16th July at 8pm. 

This means we've got six episodes of Coronation Street this week and next to watch, absorb and invest in. Now then, it might be just because of Deirdre's farewell and funeral, for which the extra episodes would be warranted.  

I've had a quick look at the telly schedule for this coming Thursday and Corrie at 8pm will follow an hour-long Emmerdale

Corrie will then be followed by Big Box Little Box (which I've never seen or heard of), so it's unlikely to be change in the schedule as they do in the past for the likes of the final of a reality TV show.

Does anyone know how long these six episodes a week are going to last? Are they trying to sneak in six without us noticing? Is it six by stealth for Coronation Street?  If it is, I'd much rather have the sixth on the Sabbath. You just can't beat a bit of Sunday night Corrie.

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Anonymous said...

If ITV want more Corrie in the schedules why not split the five episode they have across the week, one per week night? They can't sustain the quality at the current level - everyone seems to agree it's going through a bad patch - so an extra weekly episode long term is really pushing it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It would have suited the old Corrie well, having one epidsode per weekday night. It makes it a bit folksy like the Archers on radio, and gives the feel that we're watching it in real time. The present day producers probably think there's more drama to be had by having days off so the tension can build up.

Tvor said...

I think there's an extra episode the week of the 20th as well. Weird.

Alison said...

If they are planning of having six episodes a week (which is too much IMO) it would be great on Sunday. An episode of Corrie is an effective way of avoiding the Sunday evening blues!

C in Canada said...

Here in Canada we have it on every night of the week, and then they playback the entire week on Sunday mornings. Love it!

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