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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Why Carla and Anna are currently Corrie's finest

I have no doubt in my mind that two wonderful actresses are carrying Corrie at the moment. Yes, I love Roy Cropper and David Neilson is sublime, but Alison King (Carla) and Debbie Rush (Anna) have been front and centre for months and are yet to put a foot wrong.

Both actresses have been given challenging scripts since the beginning of the year. Both Carla and Anna were deeply involved in Hayley's death and its aftermath. They put in superb performances throughout this moving story which complemented both Julie Hesmondhalgh and David Neilson beautifully.

However neither King nor Rush were allowed to rest on their laurels as both actors were almost immediately plunged into their own difficult, emotionally draining storylines. 

In recent weeks we've seen Carla come terms with a pregnancy she never thought she'd have, deal with her husband's descent into alcoholism once again, learn about his affair with TIna and then the shock of Tina's death and being one of the main suspects in her murder investigation. On top of this, Alison King turned in a superb, moving performance as Carla lost her baby. Alison King has put in powerhouse performances throughout and deserves all the awards going. She typifies the modern Coronation Street woman - strong, vulnerable, sassy and full of spirit.

Debbie Rush, meanwhile, has been at the centre of the Windass family struggles throughout their association with the vile Pat Phelan. While I'm struggling with how grim their story has become, Debbie has been marvellous as the matriarch - doing everything she can to cling to normality and keep her deeply flawed family together. While Gary thinks with his fists, Katy flounces off and mixes things with a very big stick and Owen can't handle the truth, our Anna continues to slave away in her pinny at Roy's and deals with Faye's underage drinking as stoically as she can manage.

Her grief and inner torment is almost palpable to us, the viewer. While I questioned Anna's actions with Phelan to begin with, Debbie Rush's performances have convinced me that Anna would go through with something so degrading and abhorrent for the greater good of the those she loves. 

I love Roy's interaction with both Anna and Carla. Both women have been brought closer into his own orbit than he would probably ever have thought possible. Having come together to help Roy and Hayley in their time of need, Roy is now there as a quietly reassuring presence for both these women as they battle their own demons. Hayley would be proud.

Coronation Street has always been about strong, capable women, digging deep and fighting hard in the face of adversity. There are surely no finer examples in recent years than the wonderful Anna and Carla. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes Graham, they are currently in first and second рlace for aррearances in 2014. Strength to strength indeed :)

Sam said...

Totally agree! Alison King has been incredible. She is so great at the powerhouse performances but the subtlety she shows is just as impressive. She's an exceptional actress and I wish she would get the recognition she deserves!
I really loved her scenes with Julie Hesmondhalgh because there was some kind of magic that happened when the writers developed Carla and Hayley's friendship. It was a joy to watch and I'm so glad that Roy has been supporting Carla. Their scenes have been so moving and beautiful. I'm not ashamed to admit that Alison King and David Neilson have had me in tears. They work brilliantly together.

The Windass/Armstrong storyline isn't something that I've been interested in but Debbie Rush has been brilliant.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Alison King has been top notch showing another dimension to hard as nails Carla, hope ths remembered at Soap Awards time.

Debbie Rush is totally different to Anna which I suppose shows her as a good actress but I personally cannot stand martyr Anna with her hunched shoulders, hanging lank hair and that sing song voice.

Digger said...

Great post Graeme, I couldn't agree more. Absolutely first class acting supported by some excellent scripts.

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Hear hear. Especially Alison King - she had me in bits after the miscarriage with her understated but palpable grief

Tvor said...

Spot on! They have made their storylines leap to credibility.

Llifon said...

I agree Graeme! Classic Corrie women!

Anonymous said...

Spot on Graeme.

Other actresses may have had a tough time selling these story lines - but Ali and Debbie have shown us strength and subtlety. I also have to mention their acting partners: Chris and Ian, who have nailed it as well. Their material hasn't been easy, either.

Mix in the quiet perfection of David Neilson as Roy and we've seen some top-quality stuff.

Rachal. xo

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree they are supreme. However we have seen other actresses carry off amazing performances when given the chance.
But now we are seeing boozy Carla and I am tired already. Why Why Why!
As for Anna....she is going through turmoil and yet she as not touched the refreshing!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Yes I agree about that, I could've done without her knocking back the booze the other night

Anonymous said...

Yes ^^ thank heavens the factory is shut, Carla was going a bit OTT with constant bawling at staff. No excuse to treat them as easy targets for her rage :(

Unknown said...

I love Alison King as Carla, Great actress and gorgeous woman!
Anna Winsass however is horrible, frumpy chubby fishwife. I can't stand the sight of her.


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